Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prayer for C

My heart sunk this morning. I slept in as I worked the night shift last night. I had been lying in bed about an hour reading tweets, and statuses, and emails, and blogs.

JP came running up to "wake" me up and blurted out, "Mommy, they took the Baby away because he didn't listen!"

I sat straight up and threw my feet to the floor, "WHAT?!"  He repeated the same thing, "they took the Baby away because he didn't listen!" And this time he added, "in a ambewance."

I hollered for Hubs in between asking JP more probing questions, who, Buddy? where, Bubba? did you see the baby? what happened?

Hubs and JP had been out in the garage when the Ambulance pulled up in front of our neighbor's house two doors down. The older son, G, (4, I think) had attended the same Soccer Camp ME did this summer.  The younger son, C, is under 2. They play in the driveway sometimes with JP and ME.

Mom, a Nurse herself, was on the front porch holding C to her chest. She was rocking him back and forth. A few minutes later he was taken to the ambulance by the Paramedic and Mom got in too. Dad and G got into the family van and followed the ambulance.

We didn't find out until a couple of hours later that before he left Dad spoke to our neighbor across the street and told him C had had an allergic reaction to something and was swelling up.

I've been squeezing and hugging JP all day since. And saying Prayers for Baby C, too.

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