Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 13

I remember the night you passed like it was yesterday. I remember both of us shocked and horrified by the notion that we had yet to have a grandchild for you. I remember sitting on our back porch after returning from the hospital in disbelief. I remember holding your Son so tightly that I thought I would choke him. I remember his sobs.

We have been happily married 12 years now. Your Son works hard for his Family and is the best Daddy our kiddos could ever have. He teaches our kiddos new things every day and never misses a chance to squeeze in a Family day amid our hectic lives. No matter how hectic, I know he thinks of you daily.

ME is almost 7 now. She is your third grandchild. It’s sad to think you only met your eldest. ME came along to us after more than five years of our marriage. We waited (not so) patiently for her to bless our lives. You were one of our first thoughts when we discovered we were finally pregnant. ME asks about you often. She wants to soak up all she can about her family. She is quite inquisitive. She often asks your Son if he misses you. It brings sadness back into his eyes.

JP is 3.5 now. He is in to everything, as I’m sure you know too well from experience with your Son. He likes mud and tractors and everything a little boy should. He is Daddy’s little Bubba and always following in his footsteps. He will grow up to be the Gentleman his Daddy is. I think he sees himself in Bubba and wonders sometimes how you could have possibly raised him, at times on your own.

I, myself, have come to miss you more and more as my kiddos grow and learn. I do take comfort in knowing they have a Guardian Angel watching over them. But sometimes, that’s just not quite enough. I had so many people tell me later how much you liked me. I’m glad I know it now but wish I had realized it then. I often wonder if we would have become better friends once we had mommy-hood in common. Someday, we will.

Until then, Happy Birthday and know that we love you.

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