Friday, November 30, 2012

Excuse ME!

What happened to manners? Where did they go?
To see someone struggling for a door, you walk on by.

To see the crossing guard waving to you, you ignore him.

To see someone carrying a large box, especially the same direction you’re going.

To see a car trying to merge into traffic, you act as though you don’t notice.

How dare you?! Who made each of us so important, so above others that you’re too good to help someone out? Too good to say please and thank you? Or how is your day when eye contact is made? Or, hell, even MAKING EYE CONTACT?

Manners don’t cost you anything. Manners don’t take up your time. Manners aren’t germs that will get you sick.

They are contagious, though.

How hard is it?