Sunday, June 8, 2014


Today begins my 3rd Combat Fitness Challenge at Delaware Combat Sports.

I began my first one, the beginning of my healthier, fitter, happier lifestyle, on September 29th.

Since then, not only am I over 50lbs lighter (I hit that mark in May. Each bag is 25lbs, representing the 50lbs I've lost)


I'm now in size 14 pants instead of 20s or 22s.

I'm wearing a Large Tee Shirt instead of a 2x or 3x.

I'm attending 5 & 6 classes each week instead of just the three agreed upon. 

I'm more confident, outgoing, brave, lively, happy, proud, excited, and ambitious than I ever have been.  (Yes, Mom, I said "proud." I'm getting there.)

This Challenge I am more determined than ever. I have a Team this time. Appointed Team Leader by our Trainer. I have 7 team members looking to me for encouragement, guidance, motivation, training, and a difference. I'm ready. I'm up for the Challenge!



Here's to more before and after shots.
The goofy face is for my Mom.
(See? More confidence. Could you imagine I would have posted a shot like that before?)