Friday, September 30, 2011

Rest Easy Twitter gods

A couple of week’s ago I admitted my failure in following through with The Twitter agreement to do my Follow Fridays. To keep the Twitter gods at bay another week, here’s another list.

@KynaBaker is the go to person for sunshine and rainbows and hugs and kisses. She’ll slap you silly until you snap out of your funk and rectify your crappy attitude. This is not secret code for “she has drugs to share.” She’s actually high on life.

@jessicamcminn is my Lucky Thirteen Twin. We have so much in common that we rarely even tweet each other any more because, well, we know what the other has to say any way.

@butterflyjester es una bella Mamá con una hermosa familia muy especial y ángel vigilando a lo largo de todos ellos. No sé cómo lo hace. Ella nunca duerme.  (Tiene que gustar traducción Google.)

@The_Borg & @KityGaga are smitten. It’s nice to see she can knock some sense in to him.

@fishnchad & @ducktapegurl remind me of Hubs and my good ole days. They are good people bringing a new life into this world. I wish them all that parenthood has to offer. They will rock it.

@DelawareLatina isn’t afraid to call it like it is. But respectfully. She has opinions, she owns them, and she listens to yours.

@ILoveMyMinivan is my Daughter’s GodMother’s Brother’s Wife. She’s the Pastor’s Wife and brings new humor to Church. She proves it’s cool to believe in Him.

@kvode, speaking of cool, Katy makes farming in the First State cooler than cool. She never strays too far from her routes and is proud to still call Delaware home.

@moosegoosemama, hell, I did an entire post on her.

@Scribbles412 has to make my list because she scares me. Seriously, she could kick my ass.

And there you have another list. Read my original disclaimer. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Think About It

Is it selfish of me to think it's selfish of them to say No to me?

Think about it. If I ask you to join me for dinner and you decline, is it selfish of you or me? I mean, who am I to think that you should change your every day plans to spend time with me? That's selfish, right?

Or is it?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Learn Faith Through Rainbows

Last night was Open House at CCD (Religious Education). This year my daughter will receive her First Holy Communion. Open House starts off with a Prayer Service in Church and then the students and parents report to the classrooms to meet their teachers. Madi’s teacher has moved up with her from 1st grade so they were very happy with hugs to see each other.

When we arrived to Church we were one of the first families there. The three of us picked our Pew and then I started explaining a few things to JP. He was never quiet from that point on. He wasn’t loud, just not silent. He is, of course, a little boy.

As we waited for Prayer Service to begin I couldn’t help but say Prayer after Prayer for a friend of mine in Montana. He is on my mind constantly these days as he documents his journey through Testicular Cancer with all of his supporters on his FB Prayer Board. He lives an open book. Which although is amazing and honorable in itself, is a true testament to the kind of genuine sincere human being he is.

Prayer Service began with Deacon Pete and then two readings from CCD students. I don’t remember much about them as I was in my own little world starring straight at the stained glass window depicting Jesus’ Crucifixion. It had been rainy and cloudy all day and therefore the window was subtle in its vibrant colors piecing the puzzle together.

Deacon Pete then took to the pulpit. He didn’t read, he hadn’t memorized. This was just an informal little Open House Prayer Service anyway. What he did do was strike me. He began with a pat on the back. He told our small group of parents how he admired us, how he was in awe of us, for raising our children in this world which we live in. He told us it is so much different than the world he raised his three children in and how he appreciated all we must go through on a daily basis. And yet, somehow, we found the time to bring our children to CCD and continue our Faith through them.

As I watched Deacon Pete I was overwhelmed at how he had aged since the last time I saw him. He was my 8th grade CCD Teacher such a long time ago; before he lost his wife; before he was a Grandpa; before he became a Deacon; before he had become so fragile. And I couldn’t help but get wrapped up in his sermon as he spoke.

He continued. The week before his wife passed on, one of their Grandchildren was trying to climb into her fragile lap. The child’s parent told her “no, no, let’s not bother Grandma.” Grandma put up her hand in a stop motion and said “No, No. You leave her be. We taught you children Faith through Life. We will also learn Faith through Death.”

It was about that time that JP wanted me to hold him. As I got him situated on my lap, the stained glass window that had been subtle with the clouds behind it began to shine. JP pointed out the “rainbows” on the carpet that the colorful glass was making. He was a little too loud, but I didn’t care. The sun had broken through the clouds and the window was overflowing with light.

As Deacon Pete reminded us all of the importance of our own Faith and teaching our children through Faith, I looked down at mine and couldn’t help but smile. And cry.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little Tattle Tale

JP: Mommy?

Me: Yeah, Buddy?

JP: I has sometin to tell Sissy.

Me: Well, tell me, Buddy.

JP: Noooooo, is not yours.

Me: Did you have fun with Daddy playing trucks this morning?

JP: I has fun.

Me: Did Daddy have fun?

JP: Daddy not play trucks with me.

Me: Oh? Why not, Buddy?

JP: Daddy jus sit on da couch today. He tired.

Me: Oh, Did Daddy take a nap?

JP: No, Daddy jus play on him pone.

JP: Mommy, I like your seatbelt.

Me: Thanks, Buddy. I like yours.

JP: I not like Daddy's seat belt. It broken.

Me: It's broken?

JP: Yeah, Daddy not wear it.

JP: DAD! Daisy just bite Mommy.

Dad: Oh, yeah?

JP: Yeah, she bite her bOObie.

JP: Mommy not goin to work.

Sissy: Why not?

JP: She gonna be sick. She not sick now though.

Tattle Tale. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do I Need to Write an Acceptance Speech?


So, I won an award, I think, sorta, well, Yeah, Dammit, I won. It’s not an Emmy, but hell, I don’t have a dress too small for me to wear for that kind of an event anyhow. 

Apparently, as stated on Brenda’s Blog, here’s what I now must do (and I’m behind on getting it done):

            1. Thank and link to the person who nominates you 

Thank you Brenda of Four Legged Mom for awarding me my first Blogging Badges of Honor. I am amazed someone is reading the thoughts from my head.
Thank you also for being a loyal reader of these said thoughts and always having an insight on the things I write about. I look forward to reading your comments and knowing that someone understands what I have to say. Or, at least you pretend well. Good job.
Also, thank you so much for forcing us to have to meet sometime this week, as I have your thirty-one order to get to you. Yeah! Can’t wait for a hug! Holla! 

      2. Share seven random facts about you
                  Hmmm, 7 random facts. Are there any I didn’t cover here?
  1. I don’t sleep well. I worry too much. (does that count as two?)
  2. I love dogs. And the zoo. The real zoo, not my house at it’s craziest.
  3. I can’t hold my liquor. But that’s ok, I don’t drink often.
  4. I can’t stand rude customers. Or rude Customer Service Reps.
  5. I miss my Brother (he lives a state away).
  6. I complain too much. I hate that I complain too much. See?
  7. If the bills didn’t have my name on them, I’d be a Stay At Home Mommy.

      3. Pass this award to five new blogging friends (in no particular order)

a. Noise With Dirt- @mamaphan is my first IRL Twitter Friend. And a near and dear one, too. We met one day when on a whim I asked her pregnant belly to join me for a Hot Fudge Sundae. Her (at the time only) kiddo met my two kiddos and BAM, instant cousins. Her Blog is a reflection of her life surrounded by boys. And I love them all to death. She blogs from her heart. 

b. Mel's Box Of Chocolates- @boxofchocolates and I share the love of the beach, and children, and dogs, and chocolate, and teaching, and Grotto, and Miranda Cosgrove concerts in 110 degree weather. Well, not really love for the last one, but we did it for our girls’ first concert ever. (I’m still sweating). Mel is the Teacher I always wanted to be. She blogs about her life, her kids, and HER beach (it belongs to her, really). She is passionate about teaching her kiddos the ropes by letting them figure things out. She’s right there to catch them if they fall though. And then gets 'em right back on that horse.

c. I Want A Minivan- @ilovemyminivan is a hoot! Before I even got into to Twitter or Blogging, her Blog was being read aloud to me by a friend of mine (and her SIL). We would howl at the things Kim writes about. She is hilarious! And who'da thunk so many miles away I'd be tweeting with my daughter's God Mom's Sister In Law. D'ya get all that?

d. DebraZero- @debrazero, who needs to update her twitter handle, is etching out her place in the world, with a vengeance. Trust me, she is no Zero. She is a woman to be reckoned with. And along with her she brings her two beautiful girls teaching them day after day, "I am woman, hear me roar."

e. And there you have it, five new blogger friends. Wait, what? Yes, there are five. I swear I counted five.

      4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers

I best get busy.