Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ponies on the Beach

Wednesday we traveled from our little (temporary) beach house in Bethany Beach to Assateague Island. The drive was longer than the kiddos would have liked but it wasn't terrible. It was however hot. Hubs had taken the top and (front) doors off the Jeep so it was nice and breezy in the open areas but once we hit the lights of OC it was Hot. I found myself lifting my sundress just to catch the breezes. :-0

We first stopped off at the Nature Center to check out the exhibits. The kiddos love the touch me tank that houses some horseshoe crabs, seashells, conchs, snails, and more. They even did more listening this time to the Junior Ranger giving them tidbits about each creature. Across the exhibit a special presentation was just wrapping up so the kiddos got the benefit of seeing that presentation’s star performer, the Corn Snake. ME even pet it. (YUCK) I was so surprised, shocked, scared, grossed out I forgot to take a picture. I am not a snake fan. I did however bite my tongue and keep my thoughts and body language to myself as much as I possibly could. 

When we crossed the Island’s Bridge we saw Ponies off in the distance almost immediately. That is always a good thing for the kiddos' morale as it helps in proving the Ponies are, in fact, there. Then on the ride to the Ranger Station we slowed down to pass this pony. He was just strolling along. We later found out he is yet to be named. ME wanted to name him but they are having a contest for that.

ME and I walked the forest trail on the Bay side of the National Seashore Park. It was buggy but nothing a little spray couldn’t handle. We dodged “crap apples” here and there, more proof of ponies in the area. There was a nice stream running off to the south of the trail where the ponies come for fresh water. As she and I arrived at the end of the trail we took in the pier and watched as two Egrets battled for their food spot. The one had been their first. ME and I dubbed in their voices and got a kick out of making up what we thought they were thinking and saying to each other.

We stopped at the Ranger Station to get our OSV License for the Jeep beach ride. (Finally, I remember the acronym, I only had to ask Hubs about 21 times.) One of the Rangers was even nice enough to share a homemade cookie with ME. She was tickled he was so nice to her. I think he was tickled, too. He seemed to be of the Grampa type.

We made a quick pit-stop at the bath house and got this view. We then watched as these three strolled away and joined another small family. They all made their way to the beach. I'm thinking they must look for just the perfect spot for sunbathing, too. :)

Well prepared with our beach chairs, sand toys, umbrellas, towels, sunscreen, and bug spray we made our maiden voyage on the OSV Beach with the Jeep. We only drove about 2-3 miles down the 12 mile long beach until we found the perfect private beach all of our own. The nearest beach goers were about 100 yards from us either direction. Since it was mid week we had no worries of getting on the Beach. The Rangers did tell us, however, that only 140 vehicles are allowed on at a time and the weekends cause quite a stir. Beach goers often sit for hours waiting in line to get on. One on, one off.

We set up our beach camp and before you know it we were building sand castles and catching waves. What a wonderful way to take in the beach. No carting supplies from a parking lot, no parking meters, and no kiddos complaining about carrying their sand castle molds and shovels. This is the way to go!


  1. What a great post! You just may have convinced me to take a drive down there to check it out. I may need to call for directions! I'm glad you guys enjoyed your day. Yay, for being able to see all the ponies. Don't forget if you are interested, I'd love to have you write a post to share with Delawarebeachfamilies.com to encourage them to check out Assateague too.

  2. I love it down there! Glad ya'll had a great time! ;-)

  3. Mel, do you want this post or another?