Sunday, August 7, 2011


Scene: On our way to Pop's House so he could kiddo sit for ME and JP while Mommy goes to work. At the kiddos request Mommy pulls off the highway to take "the shortcut."

JP: Mommy! PopPop learned me somefin.

Mommy: Oh yeah, Buddy? What did PopPop learn you?

JP: When I was older, PopPop came to my school. 

ME: You mean when you were younger.

JP: No, when I was older.

Mommy: Go ahead, Buddy. ME, let him finish. 

JP: PopPop had lollipops.

Mommy: Ok. Does PopPop like lollipops? 

JP: Yeah, PopPop bringed them for everyone. Then he learn me awkward. 

Mommy: Awkward? What, Bubba? 

ME: I think he means backward.

JP: No, awk.ward.

Mommy: Bubba, when you helped PopPop on his lawn mower the other day, did he take you backwards?

JP: No, Mommy, PopPop learn me awkward, when I was older.

Mommy: Hmmmm....?

JP: Then he learn me spell it. M E I M O.

Mommy: M E I M O? What, Buddy? Are you sure?

JP: Yup, M E I M O.

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