Friday, November 30, 2012

Excuse ME!

What happened to manners? Where did they go?
To see someone struggling for a door, you walk on by.

To see the crossing guard waving to you, you ignore him.

To see someone carrying a large box, especially the same direction you’re going.

To see a car trying to merge into traffic, you act as though you don’t notice.

How dare you?! Who made each of us so important, so above others that you’re too good to help someone out? Too good to say please and thank you? Or how is your day when eye contact is made? Or, hell, even MAKING EYE CONTACT?

Manners don’t cost you anything. Manners don’t take up your time. Manners aren’t germs that will get you sick.

They are contagious, though.

How hard is it?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Three Months Worth

Three Months

New position
Third grade
Fall Race
Kenny Wallace 
Dale Jarrett 
Arrival entourage  
New office 
Wednesday Dinners
New Boss
New Staff
Care Packages
Old Friend Visits
Pumpkin Carving (from afar)
Room Tours 
Friendlys withdrawal 
More Moscato 
Bunk Beds
OrangeGreen Belt
Puppy Stress
Open Houses
Bus Driver insults
Manhattan Bagel
Field Trips
Car Spit
Flat Tire
Carlos Mencia
More Distance
Cake Boss
Emily Giffin
Montgomery Gentry
School Pictures
$1 Bra Tip
Ronnie Dove
BJ Thomas

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Keep Reminding Myself

In just a couple of days I will hit the three month mark of my new position. *They* say don’t make a judgment on a new job until three months have gone by. 

I was offered the position back at the beginning of August. First day here was the 24th. So far so good but the position does come with some new challenges. I keep reminding myself of the same type circumstance 9 years ago when I moved to my last position. I keep reminding myself it took me time then, too, to decide that I liked the position and the move wasn’t a regrettable one. 

I keep reminding myself.

The challenges were what I was looking for in a new position. I mean, I was in my previous spot for 9 years. That’s a long time actually. I had begun to feel as though I had done all I could, exhausted every idea I had, trained those that would come after me well enough. There are days when I look back and question that, but really to no avail. You can’t change it. You can’t go back.

The challenges, though, have been, at times, just a couple times, overwhelming. Not overwhelming unbearable. Just overwhelming, why did I get myself into this? Or better yet, what did they set me up for? At times I’ve looked around for a hidden camera wondering if there is someone, somewhere playing a joke on me. Yeah, those kind of challenges.

But, so far, the staff has been mostly welcoming, the Guests mostly friendly, the Boss motivating and encouraging, and the work right up my alley.

So, for now, I guess, I’m looking forward to the next 9 years.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Help Me Out Here

I need a theme for a Holiday Booth I need to decorate at work. Our company has a day in December where each department decorates a booth and all Employees walk through for a little bit of Holiday Spirit at work. 

There really are no rules except the size of the booth and that you may not get a location with electricity. Other than that, we’ve had themes from It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas, to Gingerbread Houses, to Redneck Christmas, and Recycled Christmas. We’ve had Candy Canes, The Grinch, Wreaths, Snow Balls, and Caribbean Christmas. We’ve even had a carnival Christmas, fully equipped with a Dunking Booth. 

This year, being the newbie in my department, I have been tasked with the Holiday Booth for this area.

And I am about stumped.

Any thoughts for me?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Three Strikes- I'm Out

Not sure why, but yesterday was the day of bad luck for me.

I backed out of the driveway and started down our street to realize the car wasn't just right. I pulled over to find a completely flat rear passenger tire. Hmm, what to do? Kiddos are at a sleepover, Hubs at work. Ergghhh, I am supposed to be at work in 45 minutes.

I back up my street to return to the driveway. It was only three houses down anyway. I text my neighbor pal and she tells me to go get her hubby's pickup, they're away for the day anyway. But I have to pick up the kiddos further away after work, will the car seat fit, will their stuff fit, can I drive it, blah, blah, blah. So much to worry about.

I then call Hubs. He'll come right home. But is there enough time to change it, can I drive the 45mins down and back to get the kiddos, how did this happen, what did I run over, ergggghhhh.

I text my gal pal again and she says no problem, the kiddos can fit in the pickup, they'll love it, no worries, do what I need to. Then she says, "or Nick could take it back to work and you could take his jeep." Oh, Yeah. DUH.

Later that day...

We arrived home from work and sleepover and pulled in next to my flat tire. Poor Mommy Van. I sent the kiddos to take their shower but yet I'm the one that gets soaked.

Funny how a smart woman still takes 15-20 seconds to figure out what's going wrong while being sprayed by a broken kitchen sink faucet and yet STILL tries it one more time. Like I don't know by the soaking wet face, hair and shirt that obviously the faucet is busted. I just have to make sure it really happened.

I give up on the sink, place a cup, a towel, and soap in the way so that I remember (duh) not to use it again. And hopefully to give Hubs a second thought in case, for some reason, he should get to it before I can tell him.

Hubs texts to tell me he's back at the pickup's home and needs a quick ride. So I jump in the jeep. And. Can't. Get. The. Damn. Thing. Started. I can't even turn the key. I turn the wheel, I check it's in park. I step on the brake. I repeat in a different order. I try and try again. I'm going to end up breaking the damn key in the ignition the way my day's going.

I then call Hubs, again. Ok, he's on his way to me first. He had me try the same things I already had. No luck. He pulls up in the pickup, meets me at the driver's door, turns the key, no luck.

He then hands me the key, TO THE VAN.

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Turn (Another Guest Post)

I know you don’t know me from Adam, or Eve albeit, but I’m lucky enough to be called one of Juli's friends.  We met 3 summers ago and the friendship that has evolved between us is something I cherish.  Yes, we met on Twitter, and I totally get how some perceive that.  My parents still don’t quite get it, but it is what it is and how we met doesn’t change how special our friendship is.

As I’ve gotten to know Juli, the one characteristic that sticks about her the most is that she always puts people in front of herself.  Family, friends, and even total strangers, it doesn’t matter, if she sees somebody in need she is there for them.  She makes me want to be a nicer person!

In the last three years, I couldn’t even begin to describe all the ways she has impacted my life in a positive way. But, just so you have some examples, I’m sharing some of my favorite Juli moments.

1. Soon after I met Juli, she told me about Rhonda, a friend of the family’s who had a horrible stroke.  I listened as she shared her concerns for Rhonda, her family, and your family who was good friends, as they dealt with this situation.  I know she visited often, took care packages, and looked for any way she could help.

2. When our friend, Trinity, went through brain surgery, Juli was the one gathering up the troops to help.  She was by her side in preparation, during the surgeries, and after.  She laughed, cried, and supported the entire time.  She took time out of her already very busy schedule to help with fundraising as the family struggled to pay bills after the two costly surgeries.

3. Juli is queen of care packages.  She gives her money and time to put together individualized packages to bring smiles to others.  My kids were lucky recipients of one of these care packages full of games, toys, and fun stuff to occupy them on our long ride to Florida on vacation.  They weren’t expecting it, but she wanted to brighten their day and help me keep my sanity on the 14-hour trip.

4. I’m a schoolteacher and last year was rough for me.  The roughest of the 8 years of my career and there were days I wanted to give up.  I don’t know how she did it, but Juli just knew when I was having one of those days and would send me texts, tweets, and emails of encouragement and support.  She didn’t try to fix my problems, she just listened.  I honestly don’t know how I would have survived the school year without her on my side.

5. Juli is an exceptional mom.  Her kids come first (as they should) and nobody could ever question that. She volunteers on their sports and in school.  She works hard to give her kids what they need and some of what they want to.  It is so obvious that their house runs on love as hugs, kisses, and “I Love You’s” are often seen and heard. Oh and her birthday parties for the kids rock!!

6. This is my favorite example…At the end of the year, I was in a funk that I couldn’t seem to break.  One weekend I was supposed to attend a party at Nick and Juli’s, but I just couldn’t.  I couldn’t party and hang out with people.  I didn’t have the strength.  But, Juli didn’t let me get away.  No, she packed up her whole family, and some mutual friends, along with pizzas, soft pretzels (she knows are my favorite), drinks, plates, napkins, everything you would need for a dinner and more, and drove over an hour to surprise me.  Hands down that is one of the nicest things that anybody has ever done for me and I will NEVER forget it.  I still can’t put into words how special that made me feel.

I really could go on and on.  I’m sure you could even think of some of your own examples of great things Juli has done.  

So why am I writing this?  
Simple. Because I love Juli.  

Do I think she is perfect? Nope (and we couldn’t be friends if she was!) 

But, I know she has a heart of gold and would never intentionally hurt anybody.  She makes me want to be a better person!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Own List (A Guest Post)

Do you know Juli & Nick??

If I could sit down with you for just a few minutes, I would tell you about two very special people…Juli & Nick!
·      They are true givers who share their love of family and friends in so many special ways. Just ask their friends who are their extended family!

·      They take their children on adventures together or alone. You may find Juli venturing off to the beach or shopping with two kids in tow while Nick is working. When Nick is with the kids, they may be doing volunteer work or visiting a museum. It’s always a surprise to see what these two parents are up to with their kids.

·      They are supportive of friends and family; whenever someone is going through a rough spot, these two are always there to offer their shoulders, their muscles and their brains.

·      They are both intuitive and seem to know when someone needs a pick-me-up; Juli sees to preparing and getting  care packages delivered;  and Nick knows when his wife needs an extra smile, hug or someone to listen.

·      They work well together, she likes to bake and he likes to cook! Invite them over and you’ll have a personal chef AND baker!!

·      They pitch in to do whatever needs to be done.

·      They don’t take things for granted.

·      They are a joy to have around and are missed when they are away.

Here are just some of MY FAVORITE THINGS about Juli and Nick…

Mommy and Daddy love to make the kids’ birthdays SPECIAL!

Mommy and Daddy foster creativity and imagination!
Mommy and Daddy see the world differently and see the humor in simple things. And then take the time to share those simple things with others so that they, too, might see!
As  parents they encourage their kids to believe in themselves and do their best.
As parents they are active in their children’s sports and proud of their accomplishments!

They all play and work together as a team.

This is one Mommy who loves to have fun with her kids and isn’t afraid to sometimes be a kid herself! 

Do you know Juli & Nick??

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nifty Idea

I got this nifty idea to do a Family Photo Shoot as a gift to my Dad for his 60th Birthday. (I couldn’t write about it until we gave it to him:)

I set up a Sunday morning 11am time frame at a cute little Parks n Rec park down south close to Missy’s house (my step sister). I even begged my once night owl brother, Mark and my Sister in Law, Suzi to get up for it. I’ll leave out the fact that they beat us all there.

We decided on black tees and jeans for all ten of us: Missy and her family of four, Mark & Suzi, and me and my family of four.

We let the kiddos all play when we first arrived and I just started shooting candids; which was great because the kiddos didn’t realize at first. We didn’t really have too much of a plan, just the idea that we take a bunch of shots and frame them in a collage of sorts. (Can you believe it, I didn’t have a plan!?)

We had a really good time. We laughed and giggled and even joked about some silly shots we should do. Some we did and others we didn’t. (Miss, I totally should have pushed you on that swing, LOL). And the photo bombing my brother did behind the four grandkids was priceless!

We ended up going with pictures of the two grandsons, the two granddaughters, all the girls, all the boys, each individual family, each couple, and each grandchild separately. Oh, and of course a silly pic of all the adults on each of their cell phones not paying attention to each other (Dad hates when we do that;). We finished up with a photo of all ten of us together that was perfect for the main focus of the collage.

All in all, I found a collage frame with TWENTY-FIVE openings and was able to fill it through some very tough choices! Ok, so I didn’t do a list going in, but did you really expect not to see something like this…

We had a blast setting it up and were tickled over the fact that we kept such a secret. Can’t wait to see where he displays it.


Sixty Things

Family is everything

Respect and Love your Mom

Call your brother

Stand your ground

Teach your kids

Change a tire

Drive a stick shift


Drive an RV

Parallel Park

Use a level

Name that tune

Trust his instinct in men

TV Tunes

Check the oil

Mow the lawn

Climb a tree

Clean your plate

Don’t waste food

Don’t smoke

Enjoy your music


Fight for what you believe

Record musicals on cassette

Work for yourself

Words hurt

Trust your gut

Some things are meant to be


Seal coat your driveway

Hammer a nail

Back your spouse

Discipline your children

Train a dog

Don’t swim with a weight belt


Drive in the snow

Be symmetrical

Visit Cape Cod


Meet new people

Visit old friends

Paint changes rooms

Hair grows back

Screen in your porch

Don’t grow up too quickly

Fly a kite

Walk in the rain

Appreciate nature

Love animals

Regular is not Phillips

Celebrities are people

Use your resources

Love thy neighbor

Iron fists bend

Pay with cash

Fireflies aren’t bugs

Be proud of your kids

Swim parallel to the tide

Never get too old to call him Daddy