Friday, August 12, 2011

It's A Girl!

In addition to her daughter, Rhonda has twin boys. The oldest, J, was a Marine. The younger, C, is in the Army.

J has two Golden Retrievers: Jack & Jill who had 8 tiny puppies on June 12th. We got to go visit them exactly two weeks later on June 26th. Jill was a great, over protective Mama. The kiddos got to hold one puppy but not without Jill keeping a close, close eye on the kiddos with her pup. JP wasn't quite sure what to think of the puppies at first. He was a little squeamish not knowing how to hold it and then what to do with it. Why wouldn't it play with him?

A few weeks went by with me nagging the Hubs about wanting one. He said no way. Then he said why. Then he said no way. Then he complained of the dog hair. Then he ignored me. Then he would roll his eyes at me. Then he would tell me I wasn't serious. Then he would say no way. Then today, at exactly two months old, I asked Hubs via text to meet me at J's. He ignored the text. For hours. So I asked if that was a no. He said "maybe." And then he beat me there. 

J had picked out a pup for us ahead of time. There were four left of the litter: one is J's, one is Rhonda's when she is better, one is up for auction at Rhonda's Beef & Beer Benefit August 26th, and one was ours. I sat down on the ground, work clothes and all and our Pup came right over to me. She would run away now and then but again and again she would make her way back to my lap. It was as if some how she knew. We knew too. We fell in love with her immediately and even Hubs was holding her after just a  few minutes. She snuggled right in his arms. We sat with the pups for probably 30 minutes asking all sorts of questions. When was her last shot, what does she eat, how is she with the other pups. ME asked all sorts of questions of Mommy later: how do you know it's a girl, does a boy doggie have a pee-tube? Yup, pee-tube. That was good for a few giggles. 

We finally left with our Pup and have played with her and pet her and given her house tours and yard tours and taken her shopping (for her bed and kennel and leash and collar and toys and food and shampoo) and met the neighbors and she was even given a bath (Mommy somehow was wetter than the puppy), all in her first night as part of our Family. 

Our new addition even found a cute little hiding spot to nibble on her chew toy. Didn't take the kiddos long to find her, though.  She won't be able to fit under our futon for long so I hope she enjoys it.

The kiddos thoroughly enjoy having a puppy follow their every move and stick close on their heels. They were very careful not to upset Haley too much, though. Haley is now 9 years old and has been with us through thick and thin so we made sure she got our attention, too. It's going to take some getting used to on her part but I think she will do fine. She was once in this position as the new Pup in our Family with a grown dog. Hopefully, she remembers that. 

So, we're once again a two dog Family. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this Pup as she grows. 
We've even Twit-Pic'ed like crazy tonight and have asked for some help in naming her. We've received a ton of suggestions but are somehow still stuck on our first choice. What do you think?

~ Sadie ~ Scout ~ Ginger ~ Max ~ Honey ~ Clint ~ Clintina ~ Cinnamon ~ Lulu ~ Fiona ~ Clover ~ Olivia ~ Penelope ~ Bailey ~ Brandy ~ Dixie ~ Daisy ~ Maisie ~ Nala ~ Blondie

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