Monday, August 1, 2011

Stormed Like H E Double Hockey Sticks

Yesterday, around 2pm a storm rolled in. For the next 2.5 hours or so the storm seemed to circle and circle. It barely rained at Pops' house 9 miles south and didn't rain at all at my Girlfriend's house 15 miles north. Weird! 
As the kiddos and I left Karate it was sprinkling. By the time we got our snowball next door (hey, it was HOT in the Karate gym!) it was POUR.ING! We were beginning to get soaked. We tried eating our snowballs at the tiki umbrella table but that only lasted until we heard thunder. Nope, off to the Mommy Van we go. 

So we get home and sit in the garage to watch the rain until it begins to pour and blow so much so that it came in the garage about five feet. We decided we'd close the doors and do a project. 

That was, until scaredy cats decided the rain on the garage doors was too much for them so we moved inside. Around 3, Daddy arrived home and by 3:15 our power went out. It was funny explaining that to the kiddos. 
"How about TV?" 
"How about the computer room light?" 
"Why is the fridge light not working?"
"Can we watch a movie, then?"
"Mommy, can you wash my Karate uniform?"

Anywho, finally the storm ended so we dragged Daddy outside to splash in the puddles with us. Apparently in his old age, that isn't his thing (yes, he is younger than me, I digress). The kiddos took us to the BIG puddle on the trail where we once played with the neighbor kids after a hard rain. 

That's a pretty awful storm, huh? Can't you tell by the smiles?

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