Monday, August 26, 2013

Where's Madonna When You Need Her?

Dear Billy, Parent to Parent,

I feel for you. I really do. Nothing's to say we won''t all have to go through some of this one day. When our kiddos branch out there really is no telling what they might feel they need to do for attention, to make their "mark on the world," to make a stance, to feel like their own person. Honest, there is no telling. 

The benefit I have at the moment is that (hopefully) it will be on a quieter scale. See, we're nobodies. I mean, we have our friends and family, in the area and at a distance. But for the most part, we're nobodies. No media, no cameras (well there's photos on FaceBook I worry about), no televised humiliation. I don't envy the position you are in at the moment. 

And which way do you go? The lecture about appropriate and professional behavior? Or about little impressionable minds looking up to her? Or do you go the route of "honey, that was great, but totally at the wrong locale?" I mean, she's a little too old for the whole ignore it and it will go away routine. But she's still so young, oh so very young.

Oh, and less we forget the friends involved. At my kiddos' age I would involve the other parents, peer pressure and all. Is that even an option here? Do you worry about your kid's embarrassment in front of their peers or do you explain using the "honey, you did this to yourself," lecture? Do you make a call to Robin? What to do?

I really am sorry for all that has been said and will be said for quite awhile about your daughter. I mean how many times can we all ad lib the Smith Family Picture? How many times can we stare at the replay in disbelief? And for the next "grown up kiddo" that tries to out do this, how much more shock and awe can one public handle? How far is too far?

I'm sorry, Billy, but you really have your work cut out for you.


This Mom of (for now) Sheltered Kiddos