Monday, September 5, 2011

The Birthday Girl

She loves to read.

She loves aminals.

She doesn’t like the dark.

And still sleeps with her night light.

She practices Karate.

And plays Soccer and Basketball.

She has one brother and wants a baby sister.

She survived seven days in the NICU.

She was “one sick little girl,” the nurses told me.

Her brother follows her every move.

Her favorite color is pink.

And purple.

And light blue.

Her favorite food is Stuft Shells.

Unless it’s Ice Cream.

She rides a bike.

And a scooter.

She has friends of all ages.

And calls them all her Best Friend.

She loves music.

And dancing.

And signing.

She knows every word to Taylor Swift songs.

And Michael Jackson songs.

She likes Disney movies like her Mom.

She wakes up with a smile most days.

She values her time with her grandparents.

She talks of her lost Grandparents with sadness.

She doesn’t care for bugs.

But she does respect them.

She hugs her Mommy every day.

And reminds me that she loves me.

She’s seven today.


  1. So sweet! What a well rounded, awesome young lady! :-) Our wishes for a very happy birthday to her.

  2. Teared up reading this. Happy birthday to ME. <3