Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinderella Chores

I tried the floor cleaning solution recipe floating around on FB claiming "Spotless Floors" today. This evening actually, as it wasn't until after dinner (I made it, shocker) I was able to put mop to floor. 

The recipe was super simple. It called for 1/4 cup of Baking Soda, 1/4 Cup of White Vinegar, and 1 TBLS of Dish Soap all to 2 Gallons of Warm Water. 

It amazes me that the recipes circulating for everything from Laundry Detergent to Floor Cleaning Solutions to Toilet Bowl Cleaners to Mosquito Repellant are all going back to our roots. Back to the Baking Soda/Borax/Vinegar world. Back to more natural ingredients. Back to the original ingredients that were perfectly fine eons ago. We've suffered tried for years to come up with the best of the best with new and improved this and that. New fragrances, new oxins, new super powers. And it never seems to be enough. 

I, for one, am interested in (jumping on the band wagon of) the easier, tried and true, more natural, do it yourself recipes for all this housework. Of course, a maid would be nice too. 

Anyway, back to Cinderella on the floor. I did the kitchen floor after sweeping and didn't think much of the spots that needed to come up until after I started. If I had used a good ole sponge mop I'm sure they would have come up with my elbow grease. But the only mop I had was less than satisfactory. I'll have to get the spots with a sponge (or a sponge mop as soon as I find one) tomorrow after work. For now, the overall cleaning is good. 

The foyer and bathroom I learned my lesson. I got down and scrubbed the spots first and then used the crappy mop I have to go over the whole floor. It came out very nice. I wouldn't say sparkly but it does look and smell very clean. 

I was nervous about the vinegar thinking its smell might over power the room but it wasn't nearly enough to do so. I didn't smell it once. I noticed the smell of the dish washing liquid and next time may be more selective in that but it still was a sweet smell.

Now, to plan a dinner party quickly so you all can oohh and aahh over my floor.