Wednesday, April 27, 2016

JP Won First Place

This is the kid that didn’t want to do Wee Warriors way back then. 

He would have actually been a part of the very first group of wee ones at our Dojo. It was a new program Sensei was starting. It was 2012. It was running and jumping and obstacles and stripe promotions for attendance and fun. The very basic of Karate skills but more so the listening, following instructions, respect, and teamwork skills. Yet, JP wouldn’t leave my side. Glued to me at the hip. He was about to turn 4.

This is the kid that didn’t want to start Karate class like his big sister. 

We asked all the time. When are you signing up? When do you want to get your belt? When do you want to learn kicks and blocks and punches and skills like Sissy? First he said when he turned 5, then he said 6. Then he tried to tell us when he’s 8. Oh, no, buddy, we’re not waiting until then. So, we tricked him.
Spring Break Camp was announced and JP wanted to attend. He asked to and was real excited. I dropped him off that Monday and told Sensei, “it’s all up to you.” By the end of day two JP was officially a Karate student. He even had earned a stripe. He was showing us the kicks and the blocks and the punches we had begged him to try. He knew the first set by heart and was so proud of himself.

This is the kid that didn’t want to compete. 

He’s been a karate student for two years now. In which time, Sissy has been a member of the BullSharks Competition Karate Team. We’ve been to Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, New Jersey, and even Canada. It’s been the joke that JP is the team mascot as he refuses to compete with the team. He’s too shy, he’s too young, he’s too scared, he will lose. These are just some of his excuses. We’ve tried bribing with toys, ice cream, money, nerf guns. We’ve tried pushing and telling him he has no choice. We have tried Sensei talks, teacher talks, other parents, and team member pep talks. Nothing worked.
Until the King George Tournament last weekend. It came time for me to register Big Sissy for the tournament when I got an idea. JP just turned 8 at the end of March. So, I crossed my fingers behind my back and said, “JP, I’m signing you up for the tournament.”
                “No, Mom, I’m too shy. I don’t want to.”
                “But, Buddy, you told me when you turned 8 you would join the BullSharks Team and compete.”
                With his nose scrunched up and his head cocked to the side, “I diiiiiiiiiid???”
                “Yes, you did, Buddy. I’m signing you up.”
                “Practice is Saturday. Sensei will tell you what you need to know.”
                “Ok. I guess if I told you that.”
                I ran with that! So, I fibbed a little. As a Mom, haven’t you?