Sunday, August 14, 2011


Today's Karate Class is a going away class for one of the trainers and his younger brother. Sensei has set aside some time to give a little goodbye speech to the boys, D an older teenager, K a barely teen.

I'm inspired listening to his stories of the two boys starting out in Karate. He tells of D starting out so shy and quiet, having moved up to Black Belt through hard work and dedication. Sensei reminds the students of his motto: a Black Belt is a White Belt that never gave up. I can see the pride in his eyes and hear it in his voice. I can see him looking at the rest of his class wondering which one will be his next prodigy.

Sensei then moves on to telling of D's natural ability to teach other students. And that each one of the students listening today has been taught something special from D.

The closeness Sensei feels for this student is even more evident as he tries to read his tribute to D in a book he is passing on to him. The book was originally from his own Sensei many years ago.

I admire the friendships and family relationships that Karate has helped build for these students and teachers. It's encouraging. It's awe inspiring.

I look for my little girl to one day be given this speech by her Sensei or her Coach or her Teacher she makes proud. I know she already makes me very proud.

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