Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Girl Wants to Go To Karate Camp

ME stated Karate Camp three weeks (or so) ago. I had to beg her to go. And by beg, I mean kicking and screaming ALL.THE.WAY. The kicking part was good, considering where we were headed.

I didn't think it would last. I hoped it would but with all her protesting, I wasn't holding my breath.

I wanted her to learn how to be strong, respectful, independent, and be able to kick any stranger's ass that ever dared try to touch/take/mess with her if Mommy or Daddy wasn't around. We, of course, would do the follow up later and kill the sorry piece a shit but I wanted her to be able to handle any of these awful situations I read so much about in the news. And subsequently have tried to stop reading.

She surprised the hell out of me! She loved it, from day one. In fact, I asked her again today on the way home, after earning her very first stripe on her belt, if she likes it. She says "I don't just like it, Mommy, I lOve it! And I can't wait for camp!"

Whoa! What? Wait! Camp?

Yes, CAMP. It's in three weekends. That means six weeks into Karate class she wants to go to the Summer Camp they have annually. Overnight Camp. Her first ever. O-ver-night Camp. I think I said that already.

"Sensei says we'll have a bonfire and Sensei says we'll pick out our bunk beds and Sensei says we'll have breakfast and Sensei says we'll joust and Sensei says we'll have water games and...."

Somewhere in the middle of that, Mommy started to hyperventilate.

My girl wants to go to Karate Camp. And Mommy doesn't know what to do.

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  1. Do what my mom did - go with her.

    I can only remember going to karate camp once, but it was over night (for a night or two) and they A-L-W-A-Y-S need chaperones. #justsaying

    I wish I'd known how hard she was fighting you on going in the first place. I could tell her a really cool [read: I kicked some serious tail when needed] story about a boy who pushed me up against a wall in middle school and went home with broken glasses when he tried to hold me there. Ahem. [I also went home crying to my parents that I was going to get in trouble. What do you know, he apparently never told his parents what *really* happened.]