Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thirty Three Things

My brother, Mark turns 33 today.
He’s a newlywed.
He was married by Elvis. In Vegas.
They live in PA.
I miss them, a lot.
He’s a rock star. No, literally.
He writes his own songs.
He’s the Lead Singer of Absolution.
He can also play drums and guitar.
He took in a very battered dog.
And nursed him back to life. A happy one.
He broke my finger once.
I deserved it for trying to push him down the stairs.
We fought something awful as kids.
I regret that now. I think he does too.
He busted up the basement floor with a hammer.
We worked at 3 different restaurants together.
Mark was Hubs’ friend first.  
He didn’t want us to date.
He was the Best Man in our wedding.
He doesn’t care for his name.
He loves tattoos.
And piercings.
He was too smart for school.
So he’d get bored.
He loved Legos as a kid. And could build and build.
As a kid, he took everything he could apart.
He skis, and snowboards, and loves snow tubing.
He played basketball and soccer as a kid.
My kiddos adore Uncle Mark.
He’ll be a wonderful Dad some day.
He married his soul mate. You can see it. 
I love him more than he knows.

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