Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yo Yo AJ

AJ is the Fourth Ranked Yo Yo Champion in the Nation.

He picked us up at our room and saw we already had our wagon packed. He asked if I was going to drive or if he was. I said I would and he broke into his true talent. He began to walk backwards down the hall as he Yo-Yo’ed his way to the elevator. Without missing a beat he talked and Yo-Yo’ed and even hit the elevator buttons all with Mommy & JP’s eyes glued to the Yo-Yo.

I was mesmerized. JP seemed to like it but did want to just get the heck out of there so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on the mesmerized.

As we arrived to the first floor, I asked AJ about his experiences, his competitions, and where he learned to Yo-Yo so well. He said he’s been Yo-Yo’ing since he was little and said that JP could even take a lesson on Saturdays at Yo-Yo Joe’s.

“Yo-Yo Joe’s?!” I asked! I follow them on Twitter! I’ve even chatted with Joe a few times back and forth. AJ told me he hangs out there whenever he can and he and the owner are friends. Small Town Delaware at it again!

Once outside I insisted Hubs come around this side of the Mommy Van and get a look at AJ and his Yo-Yo Talent! He too, was mesmerized. This guy was remarkable! Astounding! I could not get over the talent this one man had in the movement of a Yo-Yo.

Besides the fact that AJ had this amazing talent, the guy was the most popular guy in the hallways! I watched him talk to the Valets, the Nurses, the patients. He even grabbed on regular patient’s wheelchair from behind and move him slightly. The kid immediately knew who had done that. It was AJ!

As we climbed into the van, I suddenly felt cheated that he hadn’t come around to the room to entertain us during our hosiple stay. Ok, ok: entertain me.

AJ, thank you, for taking my mind of our (too early in my opinion) discharge from the hosiple. You are the happiest person I have met in a long time!

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