Monday, January 2, 2012

Mush for Brains

Last week I was texting back and forth with a good friend about her sick 2nd grader. Fever, rash, all of it. I talked her down, or like to think maybe I helped, from a worry ledge. She was ready to believe the poor thing had Scarlett Fever. (Never Google symptoms, Mommies! Never!!)

This week, I'm mush. My kiddo is sick. 103.2 fever, severe coughing and Miserable, with a capital M. And what do I do? Start texting and tweeting everyone I know for answers and decisions I'm at a loss for as his Mommy.

Why is that? Why do we know exactly what to do when it's not our own kiddo? How come it's so much worse, so much more extreme and panicky and emergencyish (I know that's not a word) when it comes to our own? I practically had the mommy van warming up for a trip to AI Dupont when I was searching for all the answers.

I gave in and called our on call doctor. That's what they're there for, right? I mean, they know going through medical school that they will no longer belong to their own family and they become 24/7/365 on call, right? Well, we give them a day off now and then but they get no advanced warning of when that day is. They'll find out the next day when they realize "oh, wow! No calls yesterday!"

Anyway, I called him. Left my panicked message and then rambled out phone numbers as fast as I could. They have practice at Mommy translation. He called back within ten minutes and made me feel better. Continue the Ibuprofen every 6 hours, plenty of fluids, rest, and if any trouble breathing between coughing fits call him back immediately.

JP is now resting on the futon behind me and has had a few sips of water each time he moves around. Six hours from when he had his last dose will be about 1am. Hopefully, I can check his temp before then.

Shut up! I know that's what all of my fellow Mommies on Twitter and texting told me. BUT, he's a DOC-TOR!

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