Sunday, January 15, 2012

We Were In the Hosiple

When we pulled in to the parking lot, the Peds Office was calling. The results of the Chest XRay had not shown pneumonia and were no cause for concern. However, the Ped confirmed what the Nurse had suggested: if we felt there was cause for concern, we go. Well, good, cause we’re here.

I love AI DuPont Hospital for Children. They know Children. Like the back of their hand (with a sticker on it).

Hubs dropped us off at the door and I carried JP in, still a little groggy from the ride. We were greeted immediately and after only giving our names and “what seems to be the problem,” were issued wrist bands and sent to the Triage Nurse. JP was given a pulse ox monitor on his finger and our Nurse listened to his chest (“do you know he has a Heart Murmur?”).

We were sent back to the waiting room and waited patiently with our ziplock bag (no traveling bucket) for an open bed. Within 20 minutes (TOPS) we were walked back to a private room in the ER. Nurse Heather got us set up in the room with blankets and the pulse ox and even some oxygen through the mask eventually. She asked so many questions. So did the other 7-8 people throughout the 8 hours.

Somewhere around 8pm our Auntie Trinity came to sit with us. She talked to us, brought us snacks, laughed a little, held my hand, and lent herself to us for support. She was there for us. And it was so much appreciated.

Battling with Oxygen masks, vomit, sleepiness, sadness, impatience, and pure exhaustion we were playing a waiting game. Wait to see if JP’s Oxygen numbers go up. Wait to see if his popsicle and pedialyte stay down. Wait to see if we should have another chest XRay. Wait to see if he improves. Wait, wait, wait.

By 11pm Nurse Heather was telling us JP would be staying the night. She sent the Doctor in to talk with us. They never really said what he would be admitted for, specifically. Just that we were being admitted. They did tell us that he would have to be tested for RSV to decide which floor his room would be on. Nurse Heather explained the test, listened to his chest again (“do you know he has a Heart Murmur?”) and then went to get the syringe.

That. Was. Awful. Nurse Heather had me hold JP down at the belly while her coworker (a technician, I guess) held his head still. Daddy held JP’s feet. OH MY GAWD! Turns our JP’s entire right nostril and sinus cavity were packed solid and he was getting no air through there. That was part of his breathing problem.

Vomiting blood, JP tears, Mommy tears, lots of hugs and kisses and 40 minutes later, we were told the other problem. The Doctor from upstairs came to meet us and explain to us the RSV floor. He would be going to the RSV floor and would be considered “safe contact.” Meaning, all the nurses and doctors handling him would be wearing gowns and gloves and for us not to be alarmed. I stared at her with a puzzled blank stare. She noticed. She stopped and asked if anyone had come in with the results from JP’s RSV test. Um, nope. She also asked if anyone had said anything about an IV. Um, nope.

He did, in fact, have RSV. And he did, in fact, need an IV. Immediately.

That. Was. Awful. Nurse Heather again had me hold down my baby but this time me at his head, Daddy at his feet, the technician on one side and Nurse Heather on the IV side. She diligently searched for the best place to stick my baby. She searched for probably almost 10 minutes. She wanted to be sure. I was very appreciative of that. The Technician held JPs arm so taught I thought JP was going to rip it out off. The rest of his body was flailing in anger and yet his arm never moved. It was a terrible sight for Mommy and Daddy to see. Terrible. I hated it. We had been given the option to wait in the hallway and I refused. No way was I not going to be there for my babe.

Each time I was forced to comfort JP I would break into a round of our new favorite thinking game. A month or so ago, JP, Madi and I began this game of “Name Five Things.” Name five things that smell, name five things that are green, name five things that we wash, name five things that are made of water, etc. We all love to get the conversations going with this game. Most of the times I tried, it seemed to work with JP. If it didn’t I’d switch to a story about his upcoming birthday or a story about his baby days. It was hard to comfort through my own tears. But we all managed.

We arrived in our room just before 3am and got settled in, as much as you can in a hospital. Daddy drove home to check on the doggies and get some rest while I stayed with JP. I slept from 4-6am and then napped again from 10-11am. I was so worried JP would wake up and not know where he was.

After all, we were in the Hosiple.

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