Saturday, January 14, 2012

It Began Slowly

It began last Monday. Well, really it began a little earlier but it got bad on Monday.

We were on our way to Basketball practice and JP wasn’t feeling well. Last minute I decided to call Pop Pop and ask if JP could relax there instead of going to the germ incubator, also known as the gym.

When I picked JP up after practice he was burning up and had not gotten off Pop’s couch the entire time. He was definitely sick. I got him home and onto the futon so I could unpack the car, let the dogs out, get Madi going on homework, let the dogs in, find the thermometer, get a bucket, get a blanket… oh, I digress.

His temperature was 103.2. I called Hubs at work. He had already told me if would be a late night so I wanted to let him know that I would need him soon for some decision making. We agreed on Motrin and to call the Doc. Well, ok, he said that. I wanted to go to AI right then, no questions asked, do not pass go, blah, blah, blah.

I called into our Peds Office and left a message for the Doc on Call. He called back within 15 minutes. He agreed with the Motrin and keep an eye on him and we could call in the morning if we wanted but it sounded pretty much like the regular cold of the week. He said he had even seen some 104s and 105s.

I put JP to bed soon after and throughout the night had the luxury of getting up with him for some bucket holding. Once that night he actually made it to the potty and I was so proud of my future Frat boy for being such a trooper hunched over the bowl.

In the morning, he was warm but seemed to be a little better and played with some toys and games with Daddy when Mommy went to work.

That night, high fever again and the determination that we were going to the Peds one way or another the following morning. No bucket issues but the fever was still present, even with the Motrin and the cough was getting worse.

After calling the Peds and waiting around for a call back I finally caved and dragged my butt to work. As soon as I arrived Hubs was calling telling me we had an appointment and JP was insisting I take him. Duh, of course. I hurried back home (so much so I was still logged on and my office unlocked when I finally returned almost a week later).

Our Peds office listened to his chest (“do you know he has a Heart Murmur?”) and did a throat culture for Strep. Our Nurse brought the results back in as a prescription for a Chest XRay: Strep Negative, possible pneumonia.

That was ALL I needed to hear. Mommy went into silent panic.

JP was again a little trooper, this time for the XRays, a first for him. And with only one trip to the potty, thinking he was getting sick, we did good.

We returned home but not after getting a cheeseburger for an insistent JP. Of course it came up. And then again. And again.

By 4:15 my impatience was getting the best of me so I called the Peds for the results of the XRay. I told them I was actually ready to take JP to the Emergency Room and the Nurse interrupted and said that may be best. In hindisight, I realize she probably said that because they never try to talk a parent out of the hospital if that’s what the parent wants to do. Insurance and safety and malpractice reasons and all. However, then, that made me want to go even more. If a Nurse was agreeing with me, that was all I needed. Plus she said the XRay wouldn’t show dehydration and if that was a concern then we should go.

Hubs immediately called PopPop. While I ran upstairs, threw some clothes and a toothbrush in a bag and grabbed Pluto. Can’t get to the Hospital wthout Pluto, now can we? I threw a bag together for Madi, too, knowing that even if we weren’t admitted an ER visit could last hours and we could just let Madi sleep comfortably at PopPop’s until the next day.

I ran next door to the neighbors and cried in their foyer as I asked them to take care fo my dogs. We have THE best neighbors.

Pop arrived not long after and packed Madi in the car. He gave me hugs and kisses and promised everything would be ok. Off we went, too.

JP slept the entire ride.

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