Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And All Was Right With the World (At Least JP's World)

Poor Hubs has been laid up at home the past 3 days with a humungous, crazy, unfair Gout Flare Up to the hip. Unfortunately, as he can barely walk, the package that was delivered to the front door waited until Mommy arrived home to be noticed. Well, fortunately for Mommy though as I got to see it with my own eyes. 

Miss Gail from Just Play Products in Florida sent me an email Friday: 
Hey Juli!
I thought about you guys today. Hope all is well, and that your son is feeling better! I sent you out another box =)  Just a treat for him. Send me an e-mail when you get it!
Have a wonderful weekend!

We just opened this "treat for him."

And JP unpacked it to find Lightening, Mater, Woody, & Buzz from Miss Gail, the wonderful toy company lady.... 

The last thing he grabbed from the box took us all by COMPLETE surprise.


Jumping for joy, SURPRISE! 

Taking my picture is useless right now, SURPRISE!

Mommy is beside herself watching this, SURPRISE! 

Miss Gail, our Hero, found our New Pluto!!! I don't know how, or when she did, but SHE DID! She found him! (And the Heavens sang with Praise) 

Miss Gail, you are the nicest, kindest, most thoughtful, (ex) stranger I have met in a long long time. You are in this Family's hearts forever and ever. 

Poor Poor Pluto will now take his spot high on a shelf, while New Pluto takes his rightful place with JP carrying him by his tail.

And all is right in his world.

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