Sunday, November 6, 2011

Didn't You See That Back There?!

A funny thing happened today. I re-introduced my kiddos to Auto Bingo. I think the first time we played JP was probably too small.

This time, the kiddo got it. And by "got it" I mean obsessed with it.

He wouldn't mark anything off that Sissy said she saw. He says "Sissy, iF I doN't see iT, I not maRk iT oFF!"

He wouldn't mark anything off that wasn't on his side of the car. (I'm not admitting to how many times I turned around to make it his side of the car.)

He wouldn't mark anything off that wasn't EXACTLY like the picture showed it.

And, every time I turned even remotely close to looking like we were headed home, he got upset. "We not go home!" He insisted that we could not go home until we found everything on his card. that included a Silo, a haystack, a motel (nobody tell him that motel is next to the titty bar, k?), a bus, a post office, A NO LEFT TURN SIGN! I mean, really!? A no left turn sign!?

Oh, and the kicker of them all: a public phone! Yeah, right! What!?


  1. Hmmmm. I think this may be in our future road trips!! Thanks!