Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And Then He Hit Me with A Ton of Bricks, And I Am Honored

A few months back, T had a question for me. It was a doozy.

We talked a little about it and then, who knows, either one of the kiddos interrupted, or one of us got distracted, or, I don't know, life sidetracked us.

Then last month we went on our little road trip to Pittsburgh for her Gram's Funeral. And we skirted around the question a little again. Very little.

Sitting in the waiting room during and after her Moyamoya Brain Surgery today, there was no denying the question and the subsequent answer. Not that there was EVER a question about my answer.

T's Hubs introduced me to a friend as T's Sister from another Mister

and, as of signed paperwork a week ago, the guardian of his children if anything should ever happen to the two of them.

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