Sunday, November 20, 2011

Heaven's Welcome Party

My thoughts of late are always drifting to the Millers. I'm really not sure how they do it. I'm trying to understand. Understand facing death head on and preparing for it rather than denying it or putting it off.

It takes strength to do so. I, for one, don't have that strength.

I believe in Heaven.  I truly believe our loved ones are "up there" somewhere watching over us, Praying for us, keeping us safe (as safe as God allows them).

So, in that belief, I've been daydreaming of all of those loved ones that Clint will soon meet in Heaven. I picture them preparing for his arrival with a huge celebration followed by receiving his Angel Wings  and then Angel Training (and I'm pretty sure he can skip ahead a few grades in that).

I think the Welcome Party will last quite a long time. I've already decided there is a huge following of just my loved ones alone waiting for him. Besides that, I picture the 900+ people Praying for him on his Prayer Board that have a welcome committee ready at the helm too.

Here's just a few of mine.

Pat- My Mother In Law was not around long enough to ever meet our children. For that, I am always saddened. As a small comfort, JP's "P" is in her memory.

Herbie- My Father In Law, gone too soon also, but to be with his wife forever. He's Gone Fishing.

My Nickerson Grandparents- I never respected enough their place in my lives. I was an awful grandchild to them and regret it every day.

Laura Beth Moyer- mourning her school suicide prevented me from trying again.

Grampie- Gone when I was in 8th grade and one of my first memories of a Funeral.

Julia- my name sake, my biological Grandmother gone when my Dad was much too young. Someday, I will sit in Heaven picking her brain for hours (or however we measure time in Heaven).

My child not meant to be.

Madi's GodMom's Dad, the most recent arrival to Heaven. Gone just last night, too quickly.

I hold onto the hope that these loved ones are ready to hold Clint's hand when it's time and guide him Home.

I read just last night "Love the people God gave you because He will need them back one day."

I believe it.


  1. Again you make me shed happy tears. I face death with a calm heart almost everyday. Yes, some of my Patients have "Stuck" with me thoughout the years. Kneatfreak you are a beautiful soul. The best I have seen thus far. You welcome everyone with open arms. You don't judge flaws in a person. You have to be one of the greatest people I have met. This ia wonderful tribute. I know this agnostic is praying for him...

  2. A beautiful soul. I like that. Thank you. I hope I continue to live up to that.
    And keep Praying for him. Thanks.

  3. Praying without ceasing. He's been a wonderful friend to me, too.

    Love you, Juli.