Friday, November 11, 2011

Signs by The Heart

Meet Carolyn Phinney, local owner of Signs by Tomorrow, Dover, DE. Trust me, you'll need this link by the time I'm through with you. That's her in the picture with her wrapped SUV.

Carolyn and I met in September of 2007 through the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Central Delaware class. We were Room Mates in Rehoboth for the kick off retreat for the class. Poor Carolyn had endure rooming with me during my puking pregnancy with JP. I warned her ahead of time via telephone just to give her a fair shot at a good weekend. She was a trooper. 

Carolyn and I have remained friends since and have seen each other here and there over the past 4 years and always seem to pick up where we left off. As Facebook Friends we follow along in each other's lives and comment back and forth to keep in touch. 

A couple of years ago Carolyn put her Leadership Skills to the test in taking on a new adventure as a small business owner. So far, she has rocked it. She is out in the community making a difference.

Here's the proof, and brings me to my point. This morning, while catching up on my Facebook and Twitter timelines, here's what caught my eye. 
On the road today I saw a woman in the parking lot of a vet's office bawling...I drove past, went to the florist down the road, got her flowers (thanks Cook & Smith Florists for donating when I was going to pay), drove back, walked right up to her and told her that I saw her while I was driving and knew she needed something to let her know that life was going to be OK. I handed her the flowers, told her she was loved and I'd pray for her over the loss of her cat, gave her a hug and left. I don't know her but she is human, like all of us, and is heartbroken so I hope that my one act of kindness may help heal her a little more quickly.
I'll let that sink in for a moment. Read it again.  

Not only did this business owner take a moment to perform this act of kindness but she inspired a second small business to jump on board, in a matter of what was probably 5 minutes. Two local businesses, Signs by Tomorrow and Cook & Smith Florists, putting aside business and being Humans. Human beings with a heart, with a care, with a hope that they would make a small difference in this neighbor's day. 

I often joke about our Small Town Delaware and the 2 degrees of separation we have. I've lived here 36 years (which is amazing considering I'm 29) and yet stories of "who knows who" amaze me every day.  I'm waiting to see how cool this one plays out. Perhaps these community friends will find out that this sad neighbor that lost her beloved cat is the sister of the brother of the friend of a friend that has a kid that plays on Carolyn's son's Football Team. Who knows? Or, that the sad cat owner was a nurse at the local hospital that went on to make the day of a patient by taking a moment to sit and talk with them in their room. Who knows? 

Or, one day down the road these two local businesses will have a Patron walk through their door and say that they chose their business based on the act of kindness they showed one random day in November, when they made a difference in more than one woman's day.

Carolyn, I am so inspired by you.


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  1. This touched my heart! What a beautiful act of kindness! Thank you for sharing. I agree, they made a difference in more than one woman's day!