Monday, October 31, 2011

Touch A Truck

Saturday, October 15th, my kiddos and I attended the Monster Miles for a Cause at Dover International Speedway. We got word of it through the March of Dimes as they had a Touch a Truck event at the cause.

What a hit this was with my kiddos! We dressed up for Trick or Treating as the flyer had suggested and grabbed our pails for our adventure. When we arrived it was crazy windy so we donned hoodies under their costumes. JP would have worn his costume whether it was Halloween or not as he’s a Fireman this year. Knowing there were to be fire trucks there he was all set. Sissy threw on her scrubs and made the perfect little veterinarian.

As soon as we rounded to corner behind the grandstands we could see the trucks in the roped off area and JP grinned with excitement. We donated our $5 each and were given a coloring book and ball to start out our goodie bags. First stop was the Pepsi truck where the kids climbed in to the cooler part and sat on pallets for a picture op. The Pepsi man was even giving out Gatorade and Sierra Mist along with Trick or Treat candy. We then visited the Waste Management truck, the Giant Dump Truck, the Monster Racing Race Truck and the Air Force Hum V.

Then, the big moment: the first Fire Truck. JP was ecstatic. We waited (not so patiently) for our turn to climb in the cab. The Camden Wyoming Fire Man helped us get in and explained some of the buttons. JP was glowing! What a cute little Fireman he makes. Picture perfect!

After probably 20 minutes at the first Fire Truck we finally convinced JP to see some other vehicles. We were able to move on to the Fifth Wheel Camper from ParkviewRV, the City of Dover trash truck, and the Police SUV and motorcycle. The Police Men even recognized JP from the Fireman’s Parade downtown and Chipotle the week JP refused to go anywhere not in his Fireman Uniform. JP didn’t recognize them and was quite standoffish regardless of how many times Mommy said Police Officers are our friends. He did, however, climb onto the motorcycle as soon as the Officer invited him.

We finished up with one last Fire Truck which happened to be from Cheswold where MomMom and Aunt Rhonda are Auxilary Members. There Fire Trucks are white with beautiful American Flags on their engine grills. Two of their Hero Firemen helped us in and handed out candy. They were gracious hosts showing off their truck and showed pride in explaining different buttons, knobs, straps, and equipment to the kiddos. You can tell they love what they do. My kiddos were mesmerized with everything about the Fire Trucks. We spent even longer at this Fire Truck.

When we had seen all the vehicles and all the wonderful hosts with them we set off to see the Race Track. We watched from the stands as many different groups set out on their respective walks for their cause. It’s a friendly camaraderie they establish when fighting and supporting a cause. I know it is with us in April when we walk for March of Dimes March for Babies.

The three of decided whole heartedly that for the next Touch A Truck Daddy must take the day off!

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