Thursday, November 10, 2011


I’ve finally decided on our #DisneySurprise reveal. It hit me out of the blue on the way to work yesterday morning and I put it into motion the very same evening.

I stopped by JCPenney Portraits while Madi was at CCD last night. I pitched my idea to the photographer and she LOVED it. She was so tickled that I was so into making this such a surprise for my kiddos. I jokingly reminded her how I’m the “Prop Mom” when it comes to getting their pictures done. She chuckled and said she loves parents that get into the spirit of photos.

Anywho, the night before our flight we have Holiday Family Photos scheduled for 4pm. We’ll take the kiddos in (whether Hubs and I are getting in the pic has yet to be decided) for their Christmas pictures. I’m thinking Mickey & Minnie Pajamas for casual photos. Either that or a nice outfit for both.

JP is not a fan of getting his picture taken. Mommy is pretty much banking on that for the #DisneySurprise Reveal. After a couple of photos and himming and hawing Mommy will pull out her bag of props and start taking things out one at a time to add to the picture. Hubs and I will begin tossing (nicely) the items at the kiddos to confuse them a little. In the bag I’ll include a toy airplane, a bag of snacks, Mickey & Minnie Tees, and each of their stuffed animals they like to sleep with (JP more so than Madi, but you get the idea).

As we’re pulling things out of the bag the JCP photographer has agreed to continue shooting pics here and there to capture the moment. They are also thrilled with the idea of us bringing our own video camera.

I’m hoping by the end of the bag Madi, Miss Smarty Pants that she is, pieces it all together. I’m also hoping for some really loud screaming and jumping and the most surprised little kiddos I’ve ever seen. I am ecstatic for them already and we still have a little under three weeks to go.

Now, if only Mommy can keep her mouth shut until then…?

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  1. very creative idea. I hope it goes exactly how you picture it :)