Saturday, May 28, 2011


When it's your time, will you know?

On the way home from the hospital this evening to visit Rhonda, Mary and I had a conversation about all of this. She surprised me in telling me of Rhonda's speech on Sunday at her Surprise 50th Birthday Party (the kiddos and I hadn't made it there).

Wednesday, my Elementary Gym Teacher (also friends with Rhonda and Mary) spoke to Mary about the speech. She said as Rhonda spoke to all of her friends, coworkers, and family that afternoon she couldn't help but feel as though it was a goodbye speech. Possibly a clearing of the air, a thank you to all that had been in her life, a reminder of what they all meant to her. She (my gym teacher) got the distinct feeling that this speech was a premonition of sorts of what was to come.

Two days later Rhonda suffered a major Stroke of the Pons. 

Mary also surprised me in telling me about the day her Father passed away. It was Father's Day. At breakfast he made his two adult girls promise that when he dies they would not let their Mother dress him in a suit. Later that morning he also walked the girls around the yard pointing out each plant and how to care for it. He then showed them his bird feeders and described how and when to fill them.

He passed away that night in his sleep.

When it's your time, will you know?

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  1. I think you do.
    Still praying for Rhonda, and especially for peace for her children.