Monday, May 16, 2011


Hubs and I are experimenting with discipline. Lately, the kiddos behaviors have been less than what we expect. Now, they are good children, in fact, great children. When they want to be. However, it's the "when they don't wanna" that's the issue.

So for this week, we're pulling in the reigns, tightening the belt, cracking the whip. They are grounded. We have pretty much taken away the decision making that they take for granted: what would you like for breakfast, what would you like to drink, where would you like to eat, what would you like to watch? All of these, are on hold for (at least) the week. Oh, and the electronics are out the window, too.

Instead, we will focus on manners including asking permission; respect including what others would like to do;  reading; playing outdoors; conversing; drinking water instead of juice or sprite; eating at the table at meal time with less in between snacking; and so forth. 

We are also dead set on only saying things ONCE. My kiddos have learned, at a young age, to keep on asking questions. They are smart kids. They want to learn. They learn by asking "why?" However, I am beginning to learn that, although I hated hearing it as a kid, some things are simply "because Mommy/Daddy said." I don't need to explain every decision we make to our kiddos. 

They also have learned (whether conscience or sub) to wait until the request/instruction has turned into a demand before reacting. Saturday I saw it in Madi. Once we were ready to leave for MayFair I said excitedly, "let's go put your dress and shoes on so we can go!" She took her stare from the TV to me and back again without so much as a nod, a blink, or a grunt. Admittedly, I blew up. The morning was all about HER MayFair and she couldn't even give me the time of day when I spoke to her? I don't think so! It reminds me of my Dad asking us when we were younger, "at least grunt or something, so I know you heard me."

So I sat them down yesterday and explained who the decision makers in this house are. And, surprisingly, they took it well. 

Wish us luck. We shall see.

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