Friday, May 13, 2011

I Know

I have long time been confused by the decision making of others (I’m sure me at some point, too). I often wonder, in different situations what determines the grasp we have on them. Why hold on so tightly in some circumstances and not others? Is it as simple as laying the blame on someone above you or in control of you that you have to hold on tightly? Maybe it’s as simple as the situation depends on with WHOM the person is making the decision for/based on/about? 

Why are we all so adamant on not backing down? Power struggle? Control issues? Or the need to fight for what you believe? Does it come down to just something you believe? 

I know I am vague. I know these are hypothetical questions with no real examples. I know. 
I just have my panties in a bunch, that’s all.


  1. Pick them down panties down outta your butt girl! hahaha Cheer up Jul! ;)