Monday, May 9, 2011

Neighborhood Shits

I am currently admiring my parenting skills from the front window of my home. My two are in our yard with four neighborhood kids from down the street. Two of them we know from the bus; the other two are new to me. They are all WILD!
So far, it's a toss up between bear hugging my children and bringing them inside to guard them against the stupidity, carelessness, and dis-respectfulness of at least three of the four; or allowing them to play as a lesson in not all kids will act nicely 100% of the time. Including, I'm not naive, themselves when not under Mommy & Daddy's watchful eye.
I am proud to see that Madi is trying her best to look out for her Bubba. He being the littlest seems to get the raw end of the deal most times. Also, because he is the youngest he is the most impressionable, I'm sure.
It's a fine line trying not to be the mean Mom yelling out the window at every little thing but I also want to make sure they know I am watching, closely.
I think it's time to thank my Mom once again for all she went through with me.

Update- one down, three to go. Little kid decided he wanted to use one of my flag stones from the front garden to "get" one of the other kids as he was upset with him. He then turned to the window and saw me. Yes, little shit, I am watching you. "Time to go home now."

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