Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

My Mother’s Day began with my kiddos bringing me presents in bed. Hubs was at work all day. They gave me a basket full of goodies including a pretty pink mini rose bush to plant in the yard. (I secretly hope they get me one every year to add to the yard as a keepsake).

We had plans to pick up my Mom, Abba DeeDee, later in the morning so the kiddos and I set off for our Annual Ice Cream & Pancake Mother’s Day Breakfast at Friendly’s. The kiddos think this is a real treat and think they are even supposed to keep it a secret from Daddy. We just started this little tradition two years ago but it stuck, I guess.

We stopped by our favorite produce and plant shop, Willey Farms on the way and picked up two Lilac bushes for my Mom. Lilacs are one of her favorites and yet she doesn’t have any in her yard. We brought them to her when we picked her up for our fun filled Ocean City Day.

We arrived in OC after what the kiddos thought was too long of a ride and found an all day parking lot. Expensive, but in the end worth it with Madi’s ankle cast and the lot’s location right at the Boardwalk. We headed to Spring Fest at the Inlet first and loved browsing through all of the Arts, Crafts, and Handmade Finds. Mom and I are always ones for “oh, I can do that” ideas that we take with us. Mom picked out a few things, as did I and the kiddos enjoyed seeing so many different things people can make on their own.

Before lunch we decided to hit Jolly Rogers to give the kiddos a break from the Arts & Crafts. While Madi and I rode the Ferris Wheel, Abba DeeDee and Bubba “fished” at the duck pond where he won a sword that he loves. We waved and waved to Bubba as we went by and he got a kick out of looking for us. He, so far, is not keen on riding rides himself. Hopefully, he’ll grow into them.

Madi and I loved the Ferris Wheel on the Ocean City Beach. It was a beautiful day with not too many clouds and such bright sunshine. It was peaceful at the top looking out onto a spring beach day with not too many crowds anywhere. Spring and Fall are my favorite times at the beach for just that reason. Not too hot, not too many people, and I still feel like a local. Ok, an hour and a half away local.

We grabbed a pizza and fries at a shop on the boardwalk and then decided to head back to the Arts & Crafts tent to finish up. But, not before the kiddos and I ran into the Old Tyme Photos and got dressed up for a picture. I remember doing a picture like that when I was a kid and just thought on a whim that the kiddos would get a kick out of it. They did. Bubba so much so that he thought we were keeping his cowboy outfit and taking it home. That was not a fun argument.

After Ocean City we decided to take the inland route home and thus pass by the Assateague Island road. And, who can resist? So, off we went on our Pony Hunt. As soon as we crossed the bridge onto Assateague Island we were greeted with 3 ponies off the right side of the road and one more grazing in the median of the road. They were busy with their grass and look so used to people pointing and starring and shooting pictures of them. Almost like they welcome it and know we love to see them enjoying their island. We continued on through the free part of the park and decided to turn back at the gate. Eventually we ended right back to the original ponies. They had moved up the road a little and been joined by a few more ponies, 8 or 9 in all, and stopped to take some pictures. The kiddos enjoyed talking to them from the car. It’s funny how it’s so much different than seeing horses on the local farms in our town.

Our last stop for the day was at Dumser’s where Bubba had already passed out in his car seat and missed his second ice cream of the special day. Mom, Madi and I grabbed cones and set off for home where Mom had Corned Beef & Cabbage awaiting us in the crockpot.

All in all, a great Momma’s day with my kiddos and my Mommy.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day, Mom! :) Love the ole time photo! Kudo's Juli (aka SuperMom)


  2. Sounds like a fantastic Mother's Day.

    I want to take D pony hunting some time. Is it worth the drive? ;)

  3. Yes, worth the drive. Let's do a Sunday soon. I'll drive. We can plan a stop or two along the way.

  4. I'm glad you had a fun Mother's Day. It sounds beautiful! I am really enjoying reading your blog. You are a wonderful writer!! Love you.