Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He Calls Me "J"

I have this friend.
He lives in a town we traveled to when Hubs worked for ASCAP (that's another story).
We met on Twitter (yes, Dad, twit-ter).

We talk here and there about all sorts of things. We have boys with birthdays two days apart. I've introduced him to my brother's music. He has introduced me to his lovely wife. He can't believe I've been to his town. I proved it by pointing out the M on the mountain. He calls me "J."
What he probably doesn't know is how honored I feel when we have our little chats. It's just a little Twitter chat but to me, it's awesome. It's the kind of friendship that can pick up right where it left off with no worries of "why haven't we talked." It's the kind of friendship that's simple and easy. The kind I hope my children someday have. The kind that travels the miles.

This man that calls himself @TheRealClint has been influencing so many friends like me these past couple of months. From the moment his wife hijacked his Twitter and asked for Prayers, we have all been even more, hooked on Clint Miller. Oh, we were all fans before, trust me. But we then were a group of friends stunned. Stunned that this strong man was in need of us. He needed us to rally for strength, encouragement, and Prayer and not one of us hesitated. As fast as we all could we joined hands, fell to our knees and began Praying. And we haven't stopped yet. We're all in the bleachers chanting #WeLoveClint!

My friend, Clint, has Testicular Cancer. He still has more road to travel. But he won't be traveling alone. He has a support team holding his hand every step of the way and we won't let him fall.

Clint's wish since his diagnosis has been to meet his predecessor with this disease, Lance Armstrong. Lance's success having beat this disease has kept Clint going, kept his Family going, and kept his friends going. I want to see this meeting happen. So far, Lance has sent Clint a You Tube Video in response to a few tweets we all sent his way. Also, just recently Clint's wife Angela went on air in their home state to tell of Clint's Journey and get the word out about Testicular Cancer as the link Clint and Lance share. Angela rocked her interview (as we all knew she would) and got TV into this Social Media Mix (funny, I feel I should have a link on TV to remind us what it is). You can help too, by following Clint's journey on Twitter and Facebook and getting the word out, one little status update at a time.

I continue to Pray that the next link that Clint and Lance share will be BEATING Testicular Cancer.

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  1. Beautifully written Julianne! We all join you in prayer for Clint and his family. And, you're right, Angela ROCKED the interview! I don't know what she was talking about butterflies--she did FANTASTIC!

    Debe Maxwell