Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Wait Until a Eulogy

"She died and was brought back. By my count she has 7 lives left." The text my cousin just sent me in a convo about our Gram's Palm Sunday. It's ironic that he would describe her like that as she has been an avid cat collector all of her life. At any given time she always has two cats to care for. She loves them with all of her heart. And usually, they only love her. They are dedicated to her. 

I talked to Gram this past weekend. She sounded upbeat and happy to be coming home to Cape Cod soon. She still has some follow up to do on the bite she got. Turns out it was a spider bite, not hornet. She says her foot is still swollen and she has nightmares about baby spiders crawling around in there (#mentalimage, you're welcome). She also says her ribs are still sore from the CPR. Again I reminded her it is better than the alternative.
So, my cousin and I were marveling at the luck, good fortune, strength, blessings Gram has had these past few years. Basically, she has died twice, and lived to tell of it. Is it divine intervention, is it luck, is it man made things getting in the way with His plan? And even that could go wither way. Is it not yet her time and God turns her back or is it and man turns her back? We may never know.

What I do know for sure is how blessed I am to still have Gram in my life. She has taught me through these two deaths that it is never too late to tell those you love that you do. Don't wait until a Eulogy to tell the world how much someone means to you. Don't wait until a Eulogy to remind the living what you want to be remembered for. Don't wait until a Eulogy to be sorry for your sins, your actions, and your wrong doings. Don't wait until a Eulogy to be the one being remembered either.

Live your life for the here and now. Live your life the way you want your 6.5 year old to fill in the blanks on a pre-made first grade Mother's Day card.

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