Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don’t Tell Him I Told You

  • He’s 33 today.
  • At 18 he purchased his first home.
  • Turkey Subs are his favorite.
  • He’s a gadget dude.
  • He loves to be outdoors.
  • He is a GeoCache superstar.
  • Anything electronics are his hobby.
  • He can fix them all.
  • He was a Manager by 18.
  • He lost his Mom at 24, two days after his birthday.
  • He lost his StepDad at 31, three weeks before his birthday.
  • Poison Ivy does not affect him.
  • He’s the Daddy of all Daddies. The best!
  • He has one older brother and one younger sister.
  • He was friends with his BIL before his wife.
  • He has traveled the country.
  • He is a phenomenal cook/grillmaster/chef.
  • He was named after a TV character.
  • He now lives in what was a cornfield he played in as a kid.  
  • On his wedding day he wasn’t old enough to drink.
  • He used to have his ear pierced.
  • His FIL used to make him take it out at the house.
  • Now his FIL has his pierced.
  • He likes opening the brand new peanut butter jar.
  • He’s a dog lover.
  • He wears shorts in the snow.
  • He even wore shorts as the Schwan’s Freezer Warehouse Manager.
  • He became a Daddy at 26.
  • And again at 29. 
  • His kiddos were held by him first.
  • Boring Learning/History/How To TV shows fascinate him.
  • He’s a RedSox fan.
  • And a Chiefs Fan.
  • And used to be a Braves Fan.
  • His biggest fan is his wife.
  • He likes the beach.
  • He washes the kitchen floor more than his wife does.
  • Orange Slices are made for him.
  • He has too many hats.
  • He worked with his wife at three restaurants.
  • He loves to swim.
  • He loves Scooby Doo and Looney Tunes.
  • Landscaping is another hobby (you should see his lawn!).
  • Steely Dan is one of his favorite bands.
  • Absolution is his #1 favorite band.
  • He uses his wife’s Anniversary gift more than she does.
  • He likes to drive.
  • He doesn’t golf.
  • He calls himself the High Five Guy.
  • He’s an Apple junkie.
  • He answers the front door in his Terrorist Tee Shirt.
  • He works hard for his family.
  • His favorite comic is Calvin & Hobbs.
  • He’s a sucker for Sicilian Pizza.
  • It reminds him of his Grandmother.
  • He has two cousins named Nikki and one named Julie.
  • His Dad still calls him Nickie.
  • He owns his third home now.
  • He went to DisneyWorld for his Honeymoon and his 5yr Anniversary.
  • He works 3, 14 hour days.
  • He rocks out to MJ Experience on Wii with his little girl.
  • He is his wife’s soul mate and the best Husband in the world. 


  1. He also has an amazing wife.

    Love this post, Juli. Love it.

  2. Awww Happy Birthday Nic! :)


  3. This made me smile. Thank you Juli