Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don’t Tell Him I Told You

  • He’s 33 today.
  • At 18 he purchased his first home.
  • Turkey Subs are his favorite.
  • He’s a gadget dude.
  • He loves to be outdoors.
  • He is a GeoCache superstar.
  • Anything electronics are his hobby.
  • He can fix them all.
  • He was a Manager by 18.
  • He lost his Mom at 24, two days after his birthday.
  • He lost his StepDad at 31, three weeks before his birthday.
  • Poison Ivy does not affect him.
  • He’s the Daddy of all Daddies. The best!
  • He has one older brother and one younger sister.
  • He was friends with his BIL before his wife.
  • He has traveled the country.
  • He is a phenomenal cook/grillmaster/chef.
  • He was named after a TV character.
  • He now lives in what was a cornfield he played in as a kid.  
  • On his wedding day he wasn’t old enough to drink.
  • He used to have his ear pierced.
  • His FIL used to make him take it out at the house.
  • Now his FIL has his pierced.
  • He likes opening the brand new peanut butter jar.
  • He’s a dog lover.
  • He wears shorts in the snow.
  • He even wore shorts as the Schwan’s Freezer Warehouse Manager.
  • He became a Daddy at 26.
  • And again at 29. 
  • His kiddos were held by him first.
  • Boring Learning/History/How To TV shows fascinate him.
  • He’s a RedSox fan.
  • And a Chiefs Fan.
  • And used to be a Braves Fan.
  • His biggest fan is his wife.
  • He likes the beach.
  • He washes the kitchen floor more than his wife does.
  • Orange Slices are made for him.
  • He has too many hats.
  • He worked with his wife at three restaurants.
  • He loves to swim.
  • He loves Scooby Doo and Looney Tunes.
  • Landscaping is another hobby (you should see his lawn!).
  • Steely Dan is one of his favorite bands.
  • Absolution is his #1 favorite band.
  • He uses his wife’s Anniversary gift more than she does.
  • He likes to drive.
  • He doesn’t golf.
  • He calls himself the High Five Guy.
  • He’s an Apple junkie.
  • He answers the front door in his Terrorist Tee Shirt.
  • He works hard for his family.
  • His favorite comic is Calvin & Hobbs.
  • He’s a sucker for Sicilian Pizza.
  • It reminds him of his Grandmother.
  • He has two cousins named Nikki and one named Julie.
  • His Dad still calls him Nickie.
  • He owns his third home now.
  • He went to DisneyWorld for his Honeymoon and his 5yr Anniversary.
  • He works 3, 14 hour days.
  • He rocks out to MJ Experience on Wii with his little girl.
  • He is his wife’s soul mate and the best Husband in the world. 


  1. He also has an amazing wife.

    Love this post, Juli. Love it.

  2. This made me smile. Thank you Juli