Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yesterday was a better day

It was my friend Clint’s 40th Birthday and I thought of him all day. He was due to start another round of chemo, on of all days, his Birthday. I can’t imagine the thoughts going through his mind about that. I’ve been watching his Cancer battle unfold via the Facebook Prayer Page created for him. His wife, Angela, abruptly announced on February 16th that they needed Prayers immediately for Clint as he fought for his life in ICU. We all had no idea until then.
It’s a reminder that no one really knows what’s going on behind your Twitter or Facebook feed but you and your family. Sometimes, maybe not even your family.
But, I’ve been in awe watching Clint’s Prayer Page light up with his friends, followers, colleagues, and even his girls write encouraging, hopeful, heartwarming posts in the hopes that he reads it and it gives him strength. I know it gives me strength. And hope. And faith.
Strength in numbers in that there is not a few minutes that go by where someone isn’t posting a wave, a chuckle, a hello, or a Prayer for Clint.
Hope that he will kick Cancer’s bare ass and return to his Family for even more appreciation of what Friends and Family are all about.
Faith that through Prayer, from even as far away from Missoula as little ole Delaware, all things are possible.

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