Sunday, March 13, 2011

FOUND! Lost Hour

Daylight Savings Time got the best of me today. I work Saturday evenings so I usually try to lounge on Sunday mornings to catch up a little. That's if the kiddos let me.
Unfortunately, kind of a fluke thing got me. Hubs left for work sometime before 5am (I heard him, as usual). At 5:28am I awoke to my cell vibrating for a phone call. I missed the call. Hubs' work number? Hmm? Why would he be calling me? And then, PANIC. I'm a worry wart, you know. I text him back: "what's wrong? can you call me back? you ok?" (See? Worry wart!)
I wait. And I wait. Now wide awake I'm starring at my cell as if the watched pot will boil. Twenty minutes later I give in and call his work number. Of course, it's a warehouse, so, I wait, and I wait again. All the while worrying: they can't find him, he never made it there, he got hurt on equipment, he had an accident on the way... and on and on. I wait on hold until finally he picks up the line. Now, I've worried him.
He's fine. He didn't make the call. We're not sure who did or why. I just know it took me more than an hour to fall back asleep even after knowing he was fine.I end up even more exhausted than when I went to bed originally. Great. Cue the kiddos jumping on my bed.
After our afternoon nap to help the groggy morning go away, we all jumped in the car for a little ride. We stopped along the way to have some dinner at a local diner type place and then off we went in search of... well, not really in search of anything. The kiddos wanted to see water, I wanted to see the sunset. We found ourselves at the outskirts of Woodland Beach at the boat dock.
It ended up being the spot to take back my hour (and what felt like three) lost to Daylight Savings Time.

Mommy Disclaimer- immediately following this shot I bolted to catch up with them and wouldn't let Bubba out of my grasp. He's a nosey little bugger.

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