Friday, March 18, 2011


My Bubba was sick on Wednesday. He was warm when we got up and decided to lie in Mommy’s bed watching cartoons. That almost never happens. When I left for work at 9:30, he was there. When I called home at lunch time to check in, he was there. In fact, I guess it wasn’t until close to 2pm that he finally was ok with Daddy bringing him downstairs. At least, though, Hubs said he did nap off and on.
I decided to head home early to meet Sissy at the bus stop. I picked her up and we headed out to my Bubba could rest even more at home. Hubs said he was doing better with the Motrin he gave him.
We arrived home around 7:30 and I took Bubba’s temperature: 101.9. Hubs gave him his nighttime dose of Motrin and then Bubba asked for Mommy to hold him. I picked him up and tried to sit down in the chair. As soon as I did, he unloaded over my shoulder and down my back. Then he said he felt better. Gee, thanks little dude.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is to say, as a Mommy, I dread my kids’ sicknesses. I feel so helpless when they are sick and lost as to what they actually need. Is it as simple as a cold or as serious as the flu or worse? I also feel the guiltiest for going to work. But, they’re home with Daddy with our opposite schedules and all. So that’s great. He’s the other Parent. It’s so much better than a sitter or daycare. But I feel so guilty. I feel as though Mommy should be there to suffer through the sick day with them. If I could send Hubs to my work in my place on those days, I would.

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