Sunday, March 27, 2011

Under Construction

We've just celebrated Bubba's 3rd Birthday Party (in fact, I'm supposed to be cleaning up, shhh). I asked Bubba a couple months ago what he wanted to do for his birthday. Being a 2yr old into everything John Deere related he said "Twactohs!" Well, we did that last year, so I had to use my influence to persuade (yes, persuade) him to go with Construction which still encompasses "Twactohs" in the form of backhoes and bulldozers. Add in a dump truck or two and voila: the 3yo Construction Party was born.
I sent out the invitation via FB this time and did get a couple little pieces of flack (oh well, it saved on stamps). It looked like this: 

I did some research on Google (what isn't that the Encyclopedia Britannica these days?) and came up with games, food, favors and cake ideas. Games ended up not being necessary really. We did have a Pinata but mostly the kiddos played with all of the tools, dump trucks, bulldozers, tractors, and building blocks I had rounded up. If they weather had been warmer we had even planned on "painting" the garage. I had fingerpaint, rollers, paintbrushes and a bare garage wall for them. With the temps in the low 40s it was just too chilly for that. 

Birthday Boy Bubba!
The Pinata was a lot of fun for all of the kids, no matter the age. They all used their Hard Hats in case of falling debris. In fact, we had a couple of adults that missed the pinata fun and were disappointed that they did. Once the Pinata was busted I gave each kiddo their favor box. They were construction "lunch boxes" I found online. They were able to add their candy to the items I already had in there for them: Construction Stickers, Tractor Fruit Snacks, Construction Men (think Army Men), and a mini Chuck Truck. Chucks are some of Bubba's favorite toys.
One of the surprises of the day was the real life Dump Truck the kiddos got to take a ride in. Thanks to the MIL of a great friend of mine we found one to borrow for the day and the kiddos loved it. We used painters to tape to label it JP Trucking, just for Jonathan. (Yes, my neighbors think I'm crazy). 
Food was served at the beginning of the party because it was lunch time and everyone was hungry. We had boulder sandwiches (meatballs) along with cheese balls, wood chips with spackle & putty (chips & dip) and chesse & crackers. Oh, and mac'n cheese at Bubba's request. Hubs made most of the food at it was yummy!

The cake was the source of some of my stress this morning. It doesn't always transfer well from my head to the cake plate. You know when you have something in mind and it just doesn't turn out that way? Well, yeah. But it did turn out cute, with a little (ok, a lot) of help from my Hubs. Bubba & Madi both loved it and that's what matters, right? 

The best part of the party was Bubba opening all of his presents. He was so entertaining to watch as he ooohed and awwwwed over every dump truck, tractor, Chuck and toy he received. All the party goers got into the spirit opening every package and getting everything rolling across the Family Room floor. It was great to see so many kids playing nicely together. They all did a very good job. 

Overall, a HUGE Dump Truck full of success. Can't wait until the next party.

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