Monday, March 7, 2011

What does a snake say?

JP & I just returned from JCP Portraits. We finally had the most successful photo shoot with him (since before he was mobile) thanks to, I think, taking him by himself, at a slow time, and with less distractions.
We were a Walk In today because with JP you just can't plan ahead with pictures. Luckily, Miss Caroline was happy to see us (she's a sweetheart) and was able to squeeze us in. Even Miss Caroline was proud of the great job JP did.
We took as many Construction Vehicles and paraphernalia we could fit into the three bags we carried. We had dump trucks, bull dozers, and tools that we were able to stick in his jean pockets. Most of the time he spent showing Miss Caroline how to take apart his CAT tractor with its very own drill. But she was able to get quite a few smiles by asking a series of questions: what does a dog say, cat say and finally, what does a snake say? He would give the biggest cheesiest SSSSSSSSS sound he could and SNAP! Great smile! Good thinking Miss Caroline!
The pictures came out adorable and, as per tradition, I spent more on them than I had planned. But, it was worth it. He did a great job!

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