Tuesday, March 22, 2011

True Love

I've been watching my son with Haley. 

I watch his face light up when he says her name: "my Haley."
I watch her back end wag like crazy for the same thing. 
I listen as he calls her name while tapping on his leg. 
I watch how he follows Sissy to get her food only because he isn't quite tall enough to retrieve it himself. 
I slow him down when he wants to give her another cookie or another ice cube. 
I watch as he jumps when he hears her "knocking" on the door to go out or come back in. 
I listen as he asks if she can come out front with him because she wants fresh air too. 
I watch him toss her the ball first thing in the morning instead of eating breakfast. 
I watch him jump up in the middle of Mickey to run and give "my Haley" a kiss. 
I comfort him when he thinks she is sad. 
I hear him tell her it's "otay" when thunder rumbles. 
I see him pet her when he thinks no one else is paying attention to her.

And I am proud.

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