Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Have a List

I have laundry in both the dryer and the washer (and, as always, all the hampers). I have dishes in the dishwasher and the sink. I have vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and windows to be cleaned. I have a garage that needs tidying, a bed that needs making (make that three). I have flowers to plant, trash to be emptied, a fridge to be wiped, and so much more. I have magazines that need recycling. I have cupboards to be organized. I have yard sale piles that need sorting. I have pictures that need dusting and mirrors that need windexing and I have windowsills that need attention. I have bathrooms that need bleaching and stairs that need emptying. I have shoes that need a spot, I have pillows and blankets that need a home and toys that need a box. I have grass that needs watering, and weeds that need pulling and flags that need replacing in the garden.

But more importantly today, I have a Pops that wants to cook us hotdogs on the grill at his pool, whether my list likes it or not.

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