Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Fever

There are currently way too many friends around me having babies!

I am jealous.

No I’m not.

Well, sorta.

I’m not jealous of the fear, the morning sickness, or the pain associated with having a baby. However,

I am very jealous of that baby belly that starts to pop out of my jeans. And the way I would hold my belly so carefully as if I was already holding my baby. Or the way I could blame my big boobs on the fact that I was pregnant. (Shut up, I know I had them before and after.) I’m jealous of the attention and the encouragement and the way to go’s. The new pink and blue clothes and the little tiny diapers.

The smell of the baby lotion and
the baby powder and
the receiving blankets and
the bottles and
the binkies and
the baby booties and
the baby hats and bonnets and
the smell of my newborn’s head. Oooo, that smell!  

I am jealous of the new life that a Mom & Dad are so proud to bring into this world. This little creation that together they made and will love and love and love.

But, even through my friendly jealousy, I am most honored to have new victims Moms & Dads to share this wonderful club of parenthood. Even through all of it’s ups and downs, it is the best reward ever!

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