Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Darndest Things

I am famous for asking my kiddos silly, off the wall what if's. I have a few different mind games to play, just to get them thinking. 
Also to see what kind of crazy toddler talk I can get out of JP. For example, today when I told him I was ready to leave and he was driving he very proudly stated "that's good, I have the key cars!"

Anyway, one of the games we like to play is "Which Do You Like Better?" Sometimes I'll go with things in the same category, like pink or purple. And sometimes I'll go with crazy pairs: going to the mall or puppy dogs? 
The answers I get back often blow my mind. Things I never would have thought of and things you would actually expect to hear from a youngin. For example, "I'll just buy the puppy AT the mall." Well, ok.. 
If nothing else, the answers get us laughing and talking and listening to what each other has to contribute. (that's my own horn tooting there, you hear it?)

Another one of my games is "If You had One Wish Today." This one was tonight's dinner conversation. 
Luckily Hubs was not present to spit his food out all over the table and then clutch his chest and then fall out of the booth and then land on the crayons all over on the floor and then roll on them under the table and then gasp for air. Luckily. 
Because tonight, Madi's matter of fact answer to the question "If You Had One Wish Today" was... (High flying curve ball hit out into left field!) "I want a baby sister." BAM!

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