Friday, June 24, 2011


1. The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
2. The distinctive nature of something.

My character was questioned this week, in many ways.

In a licensing process my references have to be called.

The first reference was my neighbor. She chatted me, my family, and my baking up so much that the interviewer was disappointed when I showed up empty handed at my interview. He expected I bring some of “that wonderful zucchini bread” with me. My neighbor told him how great of a neighbor I am, how wonderful of a Mommy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she even told him about me splashing in the rain puddles. He told me she was great to talk to.

The next reference was Madylin’s Godmother, a wonderful Mom, a supportive friend, a Leader in every sense of the word. They had been playing phone tag before I had my interview. Later in the day, they finally connected. He asked her about my Character and she was taken aback. She said that was a loaded question. She told him that not only do we work together but that I am one of the very few (probably only) work friends she hangs out with outside of work. He took that as a compliment. And it was. She touted my organization skills (like you didn’t already know that), my work ethic, my determination, and my management skills.

The third reference was from the “on the spot” list the Interviewer asked me for on Wednesday. I joked and told him that I didn’t have time to warn the reference or even bribe them. He said that’s one reason why they ask on the spot. Oh, wow! So I gave the name of a former Employer thinking he would be kind. Holy Toledo, was he kind! I never knew he thought so highly of me. I never knew he thought the world of my family. After he finished with the reference he called my Dad right away. They have been friends for years. He was worried that I needed this reference for something unexpected and wanted to make sure everything was ok. My Dad assured him it was for work and was nothing to worry about. He then preceded to tell my Dad everything he had told the Interviewer. He went as far bask as to tell him he’s known my Dad over 30 something years and remembers me as a Baby. He was present at my brother’s Baptism because he had a son being Baptized at the same time. He was present for my Confirmation because his eldest daughter was in my class with me. He gave my brother his first job and hired us both the same day. His restaurant is where my Husband and I met, began dating, and fell in love. Even said that when the family comes in to eat he sees how I interact with my kiddos, how he’s never seen me have a drink, and how I treat his staff like Family. I could never have asked for such a glowing reference. I could never have imagined the impression I had made on such a dear Family Friend. I am honored.

Then yesterday, ironically having nothing to do with anything, there surfaces a naysayer.
To naysayers, I say this:


  1. i have to say, they could only be naysaying you to feel better about themselves. i can't imagine anyone saying anything negative about you.