Thursday, April 14, 2011

Super Pluto

I’m breathing better again. Tuesday was Bubba’s 3 year old follow up on his Heart Murmur. Sissy has one too but hers was ruled benign around 18 months.

Bubba has a Mild Pulmonic Valve Stenosis. His Heart Murmur was originally heard during his trip back to the Hospital for Jaundice four days after birth. In fact, the poor yellow baby had to endure an hour and a half long echocardiogram from a woman apparently learning how to perform one on a baby. But I digress.

We’ve had this appointment scheduled since Bubba was 18 months. I knew it was coming. But it fades to the back of my mind until the time gets closer. It’s been bothering me more and more each day leading up to yesterday’s appointment. And with just reason. At the last appointment the Doctor alluded to surgery. He said it so casually that I almost didn’t hear him. But I made him repeat it. Yup, sure enough, that’s what I thought I heard: Surgery.

We arrived a few minutes early to be greeted by a nice Valet wanting to park the car for us in the pouring rain. Bubba was asleep in the car and as careful as I was unbuckling he woke anyway. I get those nervous “don’t wake the baby butterflies” in my belly every time. As if the world is holding its breath as I try to keep him sleeping.

As we entered the AI DuPont Hospital for Children (which I have always had wonderful experiences) I couldn’t help but feel guilty that I was carrying in a healthy child while so many weren’t so lucky.

Bubba got weighed and measured and even had his blood pressure taken, which I’m sure was through the roof considering he did not want the Nurse messing with him. We then returned to the waiting room for awhile. The receptionist came along to tell us the Doctor had been called to the OR and they were unsure how long he would be. They told us they would get back with us.

This is when I began to cry. I had dreaded this appointment for a few weeks and now they’re telling me we may have to reschedule. Oh no. Hubs was surprised at my tears but jumped right in with a comforting hand over my shoulder telling me not to worry and that I worry too much. Yeah, I know. But…

We waited a while longer and were told the Doctor was back but running behind and to be patient. We were. We played some games and watched some TV and Bubba didn’t even seem to mind; until we were called back to the room. He didn’t like the idea of having a gown on so Mommy put a gown on Pluto too. That occupied us for quite awhile, Super Pluto and all. Bubba got a kick out of that. Good thing Daddy thought enough to pack his backpack with a few things Bubba would like if he got bored.

He stayed 90% still for his “sticker test” of which the technician was very patient and sweet to him to make him feel comfortable. She did a great job at talking to him and distracting him with talk of his birthday party.

Then, the Doctor came in. I’m pretty confident in that Bubba does not care for the Doctor. He was a wreck with the stethoscope and did not like to be touched AT ALL by the doctor. Poor kiddo. But, the Doctor said nothing sounds different. No changes in the Murmur and since no symptoms reported by us, all is good. For now.

We have to follow up again in 2years. Let’s not worry again until then, ok?


  1. I'm so glad that you got "good" news Juli. Keep the faith and hopefully next visit, the murmur will gone. I'll keep ya'll in my prayers!