Sunday, April 17, 2011

Here's the Story

Here's the story I got from my Dad when he called tonight (since 140 just isn't enough). And, yes, the phone call had THAT ring.

Gram was stung by a Hornet earlier in the week. She didn't realize until her foot swelled and turned black and blue. She went to the doctor and they determined Hornet sting and gave her some shots for the apparent allergic reaction or infection. The shots reacted with a medication she is already taking.
This morning, she wasn't feeling well but insisted on going to Church for Palm Sunday. About 20 minutes into Mass she passed out, slashed her leg on the fall, and they lost a pulse. She had to be given CPR in Church by a Nurse that was sitting nearby.
She was taken to the hospital where she received several shots to numb the area of the gash on her leg for stitches. They also gave her something for the reaction to the medication that reacted with her other medication. She had several tests throughout the day. She was released this evening and is at her home in Florida. Why? I don't know.
She has now talked on the phone to all three of her boys and says she is very tired. She is complaining that her chest hurts from the compressions, her gash hurts with the stitches, and she is too old for all of this. 
She told my Dad she is afraid she won't make it to 80 years old. He described her as depressed. 
This is not good. She is due to come home to Cape Cod on May 13th.

If you have a spare Prayer this evening, please cash it in for my Gram. Please. Thank you.

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