Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bet'cha Didn't Know


  • I was born on Friday the 13th.
  • My favorite color is purple. 
  • I have one brother.
  • I was born and raised in Dover. 
  • I love fall leaves.
  • Both of my parents remarried in my adult years.
  • I have one step-sister and two step-brothers. 
  • I went to school for Elementary Ed. 
  • I didn't finish. :(
  • I miss my Dalmatian, Chaz.
  • I take things to heart too much.
  • I like reconnecting with people on FB.
  • I have been at my job 12 years.
  • I worry.
  • A lot.
  • Little things matter to me.
  • I love spring buds.
  • I would love to stay at home with my kiddos. 
  • My favorite game to play is Uno.
  • I like to do puzzles with Bubba.
  • I do not have days off with my Husband. 
  • I wish I did.
  • I am a sucker for Friendly's. 
  • I miss my favorite job ever. 
  • I love to coach basketball.
  • I am extremely proud of my children! 
  • I love snow.
  • I hate a full sink of dishes. 
  • I don't talk to my Mom enough. 
  • My favorite food is Pasta.
  • I was once fired for the F word. :-0
  • I was a huge NKOTB Fan.
  • I still love their music.
  • I have missed many callings.
  • I don't like whining. 
  • I have never smoked.
  • My kiddos birthdays are my favorite Holidays.
  • Next is Christmas.
  • I love dogs.
  • I am allergic to cats, bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, etc.
  • My favorite breakfast is M&M Pancakes.
  • I have many kids movies memorized. 
  • My favorite cartoon movie (right now) is Despicable Me. 
  • Torn and tattered flags are one of my pet peeves. 
  • Another is loud television.
  • If I could live anywhere, my first choice is Cape Cod.
  • My second choice is Missouri. 
  • I am jealous of Madi's hair. 
  • 80s Madonna and Michael rock! 
  • I despise laziness.
  • My first car accident was on day 16 of my license. 
  • My second was the same day.
  • I love toddler talk. 
  • I don't litter.
  • I miss my childhood best friend. 
  • Hell, I miss my childhood.
  • I don't think I am always good at my job.
  • I don't watch too much TV.
  • In high school, I was a stupid teenager. 
  • I am too obsessed with the cleanliness of the house.
  • I need my sleep. 
  • I get embarrassed easily. 
  • I have always loved the name Madylin. 
  • I don't think people are recognized enough. 
  • My lucky number is 13. 
  • I am somewhat superstitious. 
  • I love excellent Customer Service.
  • I hate bad service more.
  • I value friendship.
  • I miss my MIL.
  • I have been to almost 40 states.
  • I am grateful for more time with my Gram.
  • I love summer.
  • Being Mommy is my proudest accomplishment. EVER.


  1. Hey Kettle, you're black. ;) Love you, Pot.

    I could have written a lot of this.

    Love you.

  2. beautiful, but why do you always make me cry?

  3. @NWD, You could have written it about me? Or are we that much alike?

    @BP, Why did you cry?

    @Bren, thanks! I'm glad you like me. :)

  4. We're that much alike. :)

  5. I love this list SO much. :)