Tuesday, April 19, 2011


April 11th the Pennsylvania based Band Absolution went on Tour with Taproot. They opened in Vegas at The Rio. I understand the show went off without a hitch and the guys even got their pictures taken on The Rio’s Red Carpet. 

The next day, the bands high tailed it to Phoenix and played to a house of 500. Awesome!
On Thursday, April 14th they played at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA and got this rave review

I’ve been following both bands on their Twitter (@noabsolution and @FollowTaproot) and FB pages since they left town. So far, I have seen pictures of the state signs, restaurants, and clubs they have visited. It looks as though they are somewhat behaving themselves and trying to have a good time, when they can. Between driving to the locale, setting up, warming up, playing, tearing down, selling merchandise, and driving to the next locale, I think the spare time is pretty minimal. Oh, and I forgot sleep. That, I’m thinking is minimal, too.

Absolution is about to release a new album and I got my copy early directly from the band. They had sent emails and FB messages about pre-ordering your copy before it hit stores. Many of their long time fans and friends took them up on that offer and were thrilled to be surprised with a copy of their older CD, too.

Although Absolution is not my typical music style I am happy to have branched out and I do love their songs. Ever since their first Delaware show last year I’ve been singing right along. One of my favorite songs is “What Makes Me Strong.” 

Take the time to check out the band on their website, Twitter, or their Facebook page. You will be pleasantly surprised, I promise.

Also, for more info and to follow the excitement and behind the scenes info about their tour, follow Absolution’s Lead Singer on Twitter, @markwojtkiewicz.

Tell him his Sister sent you. ;)

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